National Burger Month Celebration: A Journey Through Burger Variations

It’s one of our favorite times of the year, National Burger Month! A whole month dedicated to celebrating what Schweid & Sons is all about – The Very Best Burgers! 

May is a perfect time to celebrate the staple of outdoor cooking (Burgers on the grill, of course) and kick off the summer season, especially in climates where the warm weather is now on the horizon. 

So, take a little trip with us…down Burger memory lane, if you will…..

The History

It all started (some say) in the early 1900’s, quite by accident. A local New York area restaurant had a customer in a rush and a steak was put between 2 pieces of bread. In another part of the country, a squashed meatball was made into a sandwich at a county fair. These meat variations—and more— were just the beginning of the modern Burger story. If you don’t know the origin story of the delicious American favorite, click here!

Over the years, there have been many Burger shapes, sizes, and variations. Today, the options are endless.

Outside of the home kitchen, Burgers became a staple of what came to be known as fast food in the 1950s. The classic ground beef Burger served in a bun was all the rage. Ketchup was the condiment of choice (and still is), and adding lettuce and tomato was considered an upgrade. When restaurants and fast food chains alike began experimenting and adding a slice of cheese to their Burgers, the cheeseburger was born and they never looked back. There are literally no rules as to what kind of toppings can be added to a delicious beef patty. Try chili, grilled fruit, mushrooms, bacon, avocado, and more!

New Trends

The latest in Burger trends? Sliders! They’re perfect for party appetizers, a nice meal, little hands, or the hottest thing on the streets right now, Smashburgers! Check out our viral Smashburger recipe below 😉

Recipe Favorites

While no shortage of recipes exists, we do have a few favorites, so be sure to check them out!


Now that you’ve read up on the history and trends, it’s time for you to celebrate National Burger Month! Find quality Burgers like the Schweid & Sons Butchers Blend pre-portioned patties at your favorite place to shop (find a store here), and don’t miss out on what’s new and what we’re celebrating throughout the year (newsletter sign up here).


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