2022 National Hamburger Month is Here!

And just like that, our favorite holiday is back – Happy National Hamburger Month!

Think of it as the Burger’s month-long birthday celebration all culminating with a big party on National Hamburger Day on May 28th, which also happens to be Memorial Day Weekend – the stars have aligned for Burger lovers everywhere.  

In National Hamburger Month, we like to remember how our favorite food came to be and of course, celebrate by eating as many Burgers as we can.  

You may or may not know that the first Hamburger was made by Louis Lassen on July 28, 1900. He was the owner of a restaurant called Louis’ Lunch in New Haven,  CT and one day, he decided to put two pieces of bread around a hamburg steak and voila – the Hamburger was born. While there might be some argument as to the origins, we are sticking with the story that the Library of Congress goes with.  

If you’re thinking, “where are the best Burgers near me?”, well look no further than your own house! We always encourage everyone to celebrate this delicious holiday any way they want, but here are some of our suggestions: 

Two Words: Burger. Party. 

We don’t know about you, but we take any reason to grill up some Schweid and Sons Burger patties to share with our family and friends. Throw a get together and build a Burger Board so everyone can top their Burgers the way they like. Check out our blog post on ideas of how to build one and what you should have as toppings. 

Burger with topping options

Think Outside the Bun 

Want to keep things light? Try a Burger with a lettuce “bun” or even a “mushroom bun”. These options add a cool freshness to the Burger while allowing you to skip on the carbs. Want to flex your culinary muscles? Try a ramen bun or a woven bacon “bun”! 

Burger without a Bun  

The More Toppings, the Better 

Are you a die-hard fan of a simple Cheeseburger or do you just love to pile everything on top? Depending on our mood, we could go for both. Of course, as long as you start with a Schweid & Sons Burger, you can have it your way. Here’s some inspiration to start: 

  3 Burgers all topped with different toppings

Travel the Globe via Burger 

Think of your Schweid & Sons Burger as a blank canvas. You can choose to do anything with it whether you’re sticking with the classics or want to branch out into open waters. Well, we’d like to use our blank canvas to try out global flavors. Check out some of our “travels” in our recipe library.  

We suggest trying our  Glazed Kimchi Burgers, Greek Relish Burgers or a good old-fashioned Irish Pub Burger. 

Let us know in the comments how you’re planning to celebrate National Burger Month. Or, tag us on social by using #SchweidandSons or tagging us @SchweidandSons. Looking forward to it! In the meantime, Happy Burger Month!  

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