5 Mouth-Watering Burger Recipes

As we head into grilling season, it’s time for another Burger round-up. Picking just 5 is like trying to choose your favorite child—ok maybe not exactly like that 😂, but we gave it our best shot!  Here are 5 mouth-watering Burger recipes that have a little kick!

Bang Bang Burger

Pair The Prime Burger patties with a sweet and spicy Asian sauce and fresh from the garden slaw for an unexpected flavor combo. Pro tip: A spicy cucumber salad makes the perfect side dish.

Burger with BBQ sauce & cheese

Tailgate Zinger Burger

It starts with The Butcher’s Blend Burger and ends in a taste sensation finished off with sharp cheddar and tangy barbecue sauce. Insider tip: This is Jamie Schweid’s favorite Burger 😉

Spicy Hawaiian Burger 

The Signature Blend, avocado, bacon, pineapple, and sriracha—need we say more? Pro tip: pre cook your bacon and make sure it’s crispy so your Burger has a little extra crunch.

Italian Burger 

Start with Butcher’s Blend, add fresh mozzarella, homemade pesto, roasted red pepper and arugula. Then mangia, mangia! Pro tip: if you’re not up for making your own pesto, check the prepared food section of your local grocer for their homemade pesto.

Mexican Burger

Choose your favorite Schweid & Sons Burger, then spice it up with guacamole, pico de gallo, and jalapenos. Pro tip: pick up store bought guac and pico de gallo to make this an easy and quick weeknight meal.


When you’re ready to spice up your Burger game with one (or all!) of these recipes, grab some Schweid & Sons pre-made Burger patties at your favorite local store by using our store locator

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