National Hamburger Day

National Burger Month wouldn’t be complete without its own special day too. When is National Hamburger Day, you ask? Well, that would be May 28th, so get ready to celebrate!


The timing couldn’t be more perfect this year, as Memorial Day falls at the same time, and for many parts of the country, this is the official kick-off to the summer grilling season.


At Schweid & Sons, our family has 4 generations of experience as meat purveyors. We specifically pride ourselves on selling premium ground beef that makes The Very Best Burger.


While our family has been in the Burger business for quite some time, the Burger itself has quite a history. Let’s dive into the backstory and tidbits about the Hamburger and get ready to celebrate National Hamburger Day!


Did you know?

🍔 The Burger was invented by accident

Depending on who you ask, the exact claim to the first Burger can vary. But the general gist is that it was born of convenience when meat (whether a Hamburg steak or a meatball) was put between bread to make an easy-to-eat sandwich on the go. 

🍔 Burger sliders are not a new thing

While the fast-food chain with the golden arches did not come onto the scene until the 1940s, another opened in the early 1920s and was known for its bags of small square burgers they called sliders. Today, Sliders are on the rise for being a quick bite, or perfect for making Smashburgers.

🍔 Fat in a Burger is just as important as the meat itself

Finding the right lean-to-fat ratio is what it’s all about. At Schweid & Sons, we think that’s a 75/25 or 80/20 lean-to-fat ratio, and many of our Burger blends reflect that. The fat content of ground beef Burgers helps add a robust and beefy flavor to your Burger bite. Next time you’re picking up Burgers, consider the lean-to-fat ratio of a Burger blend and taste the difference. (Try our The Butcher’s Blend  (80/20) or The Heritage Blend (75/25) and see what we mean)

🍔 The Burger’s most popular pairings have longevity

Classic American cheese and tomato ketchup remain the go-to choices for what to put on a classic Burger, and we don’t see that changing anytime soon. If you want to spice up your Burger toppings, try adding any of these Burger sauces to complete your Burger build. 


When it comes to choosing what Burger to celebrate with on National Hamburger Day, you’ve got plenty of choices. We suggest the Prime Burger for a classic Cheeseburger or the newest addition to our pre-formed patty mix, our Signature Blend 2.5 oz Sliders for an epic Smashburger. Want to learn how to make your own? Watch our Smashburger Instagram reel here for this easy tutorial.


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