Getting to the Meat of it: Popular Beef Cuts for Burgers

5 Popular Beef Cuts for your Burgers

Burgers might evoke powerful memories and senses, but the more you know about beef, the less the word itself means. That’s because there are so many specific cuts to choose from on the steer, each with its own character, flavor, and texture. To help you find your go-to Burger blend, we’ve compiled a list of beef cuts, from the popular well-known cuts to the ones only your butcher will know. As you go down the list, reference the beef cuts diagram to know which cut we are discussing. Discover the different types of beef cuts and which Burger blend is for you.

Steer with locations of cuts of meat

Beef Cuts


The meat around the shoulders and neck of the steer is fatty, tough, and full of connective tissue where various bones, ribs, muscles, and joints come together. This area — the chuck — offers wonderfully flavorful beef as a result. The beef is fatty and marbled, which is why ground beef often comes from the chuck but is also assertive in flavor, making it perfect for Burgers like our Prime Burger. The Prime Burger is made from hand-selected premium cuts of boneless USDA Prime Chuck.


Back from the chuck, between ribs 6 and 12 of the steer, matters start to get interesting. The primal rib section is arguably the destination for many chefs. It has an excellent reputation for tender, juicy and fatty steaks that burst with flavor. Because of the high-fat content and marbling, Burgers with the rib section are hard to get wrong. Pick up a pack of our Certified Angus Beef Brand Custom Blend: The Chuck Brisket Short Rib to taste the flavor yourself.


Covering a large portion of the steer, from the Top Sirloin to the Bottom, the Sirloin area is not as tender as the Loin but makes for a delicious cut. The Top Sirloin is sufficiently tender & lean for a tasty Burger.  If you’re looking for a 100% grass-fed Burger made from the sirloin, try our Grass Fed Burger. The Grass Fed Standard Burger is made from premium, whole cuts of grass-fed chuck, rib, sirloin, and round.


Cuts from the hindquarters or rear of the steer can be lean & tough. The Round extends from the top to the bottom. Neither has much collagen or marbling for tenderness, but the flavors are robust. Schweid & Sons Butcher’s Blend is a blend of chuck, round & sirloin for a robust flavor and tender bite.


You might not come across Brisket regularly, but you’ve probably enjoyed it already in corned beef or pastrami. This cut from the neck area is fatty & flavorful. All you’ll need to add is some salt to the patty for an amazing Burger.  Start with our Signature Series: The Chuck Brisket and build your favorite Burger.


As you can see, the different types of beef cuts that are used in a Burger will elevate your Burger to the next level. At Schweid & Sons, we want to help you make The Very Best Burger at home starting with fresh, beef Burger patties. Use our store locator to find us in your local grocery store or shop online and have us delivered straight to your doorstep!


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