Burgers On The Go: How To Pick A Portable Grill

Whether you’re prepping for tailgate season, planning on having a cookout in the park, or just want to cook up fresh Burgers wherever you are, having a go-to portable grill that you can depend on is vital. With so many options out there, discerning what your ideal use will be is key to picking the perfect grill. Let’s dive in to the specifics and find which portable grill is right for you.

Where Are You Cooking?

First things first: Determine where you’ll be doing the majority of your cooking. If you’re most likely to cook outside (on the beach, in a park, etc.) and won’t have access to electricity, an old-fashioned charcoal grill may be your best bet. Unfortunately, this rules out most flat top grills—so learning to cook Burgers on a traditional grated grill is paramount.

How Many Burgers Are You Cooking?

Size matters. No matter how you slice it, you just can’t cook a large number of Burgers on a small grill efficiently. If most of your cookouts tend to feed more than 20 people, you’ll want to make sure the grill top can fit between five and ten Burgers at a time. For example, the Schweid & Sons Signature Series: The Chuck Brisket weighs in a 5.3oz with a diameter of 3.88 in. Keeping that in mind, you’ll want a grill with a radius of at least 6 inches in all directions.


Are You An All-Weather Griller?

If you love to grill outside no matter the whether (we’re looking at you football fans), then you’ll want to make sure your portable grill has a removable cover. It may not seem like a necessity for a portable grill, but if you’re flipping Burgers out in the elements, a grill cover will be your best friend. As you may recall from our article about grilling Burgers during the winter, maintaining heat is key to an evenly cooked Burger. So if you enjoy tailgating into December and beyond, make sure your portable grill has a removable cover you can count on to preserve that precious heat.

Final Thoughts On Portable Grills

Once you’ve narrowed down the type and size of the grill you need, the next thing to consider is weight and storage. Obviously, portability is the key here so you want something relatively lightweight that can fit in your car without taking up the whole trunk. Go with what you’re comfortable with—and don’t overdo it. Stick with something you can carry by yourself and clean easily, and you’ll never tire of firing it up for Burger fun!

Planning Your Next Tailgate Our Cookout? We Can Help!

Try these great Burger builds at your next cookout. They’re easy to put together on the fly and make a fun outdoor meal.

Classic Bacon Cheeseburger

The BBQ Slaw Burger

The Pimento Burger

Let us know in the comments below how you Burger on the go!

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