5 Burgers To Rock Labor Day Weekend

Since Labor Day is the unofficial end of summer, why not go out with a bang at your weekend cookout? Since Burgers are always on the menu, we’ve put together a list of the 5 Burgers that will rock your cookout and leave your guests super impressed. Sometimes keeping it simple is the way to go, but with fall (and winter) right around the corner, make the best of summer weather while it lasts and try out these fantastic Burger builds!

5 Burgers To Rock Labor Day Weekend

    1. The American Classic Cheeseburger. America’s favorite way to enjoy a Burger, this build features American cheese, lettuce, tomato, and bacon. It’s a staple of cookouts all year round, and should be your go-to this weekend. Get the recipe here.

    1. The BBQ Slaw Burger. An homage to traditional barbecue flavors and an apropos farewell to summer, this Burger will make your guests demand seconds. Get the recipe here.

    1. The Pimento Burger. A favorite among spice- and cheese-lovers alike, this Burger build is a perfect alternative to the traditional melted slice of cheese version of the Cheeseburger. Get the recipe here.

    1. The Sprouted Burger. Brighten up your offerings this weekend with a Burger build that’s guaranteed to make even your vegetarian friends want to sink their teeth into a Burger. Get the recipe here.

    1. The Pretzel Pub Burger. A riff on a pub staple, this Burger build will appeal to barflies and Burger lovers alike. Get the recipe here.

These Burger builds are guaranteed to rev up your Labor Day Weekend cookout. Give them a try and let us know which was your favorite! Happy Burgering!

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