That’s the Stuff: Everything You Need to Know About Stuffed Burgers

It’s pretty difficult to imagine anything better than a burger. As a family-owned and operated, fourth-generation purveyor of the finest cuts and top quality Angus beef, Schweid & Sons understands that traditions are hard to change. Our local farmers and ranchers have been making their own classic burger recipes for years and our love of grilling isn’t going anywhere. Stuffed burgers are the latest, tastiest foodie trend to sweep through restaurants, cafes, food trucks, and kitchens. With a range of bold, spicy, tangy seasonings and aromas, the stuffed burger menu is a whole new world for beef lovers to enjoy. 

Its time to think beyond the burger and discover why it’s what’s inside that counts.

How to Make Stuffed Burgers

As with any burger, there are a variety of different ways to master the recipe. We’ve paired down the most popular ways to make a killer cookout stuffed burger, along with recommendations on prep, temperature, and of course fillings galore! 

Gear up for the grill with your preferred cuts of high-quality beef. Chuck patties are a classic favorite among burger lovers, while all-natural, grass-fed beef offers a leaner taste for healthy eating and compassionate cookouts. Starting with a sheet of wax paper, shape burgers into 4-inch patties using a fork to press down on the edges. Stack your toppings on one half of the patty and use the wax paper to flip the other half on top, creating a sandwiched spread. Use your trusty fork to seal the edges one more time and keep all of that ooey, gooey goodness from spilling out.

chuck brisket short rib

Careful not to overfill your stuffed burgers! The middle may be the best part, but too much of a good thing will leave your cheese and toppings on the grill instead of in your stomach. 

When it’s time to fire up some amazing tastes, give the grill or pan a spray of non-stick avocado oil. Remember; these burgers will be a bit larger. Think quarter pounder with all the trimmings. You’ll want to be extra careful flipping them to ensure your stuffed patties stay, well, stuffed. Once you’re done prepping, cook to 160 F. This ensures the burgers are heated evenly throughout, without overcooking the outside of the patties. 

Let stand for five minutes, then enjoy with your favorite creative bun ideas. Hoagie rolls, traditional burger buns, pretzel buns, lettuce wraps, and more are great companions to a gourmet stuffed patty. If you’re looking for keto burger or paleo burger options, stuffed patties are great as a stand-alone. They’re high in protein and essential amino acids, without the extra carbs. Serve these burgers in the buff with your favorite dipping sauce and a side of grilled vegetables. 

The Best Stuffed Burger Recipes in the West

Now that you’ve mastered the basics, be sure and check out a few of our stuffed burger recipes using our own burger blends for the best-stuffed burger recipes around. Take a look at these creative mix-ins for your next burger inspiration.

Smoked Gouda Stuffed Burgers

Bon appétit!

Let us know what your favorite stuffed burger recipe is and keep on grilling delicious food!

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