How to Host a Burger Tasting 🍔 ❤️

Not sure which Burger blend to choose for a delicious Burger? Never fear, Schweid & Sons can help you plan the ultimate Burger tasting, right here⬇️. 


 The most important part of the tasting is the beef of course – and a Burger made with premium cuts of beef will have the best flavor. 


 This trio of Schweid & Sons Burger products give you a range of flavor profiles that will depend on everything from the fat content (that’s called marbling), to what the cattle were fed. 

Signature Series Chuck Brisket Packaging.

 The Signature Series: Chuck Brisket 

Made from a unique blend of hand-selected premium cuts of chuck & brisket. It’s juicy! 

  • A signature recipe perfected over four generations 
  • Made from hand-selected premium cuts of chuck and brisket 
  • Buttery, robust flavor & soft airy texture 

The Katana Blend  

Made only from American Wagyu beef (with no hormones or antibiotics), this blend is highly marbled. 

  • Wagyu (aka Kobe-style) is an American beef cattle breed that originated in Japan 
  • Fed an all-grain diet which leads to a distinct flavor & tenderness 
  • Raised with no added hormones, steroids, or antibiotics 

The Grass Fed Standard Packaging.

The Grass Fed Standard 

Made from 100% grass fed all natural beef. No added hormones or antibiotics – ever. 

  • Fed an all forage-based diet & never any grain 
  • Handled & raised humanely at all times 
  • Made from premium, whole cuts of grass-fed chuck, rib, sirloin, and round 


Now that you’ve picked which Burgers to taste, here are some tips to host a Burger tasting! 

 ✔️Since guests will be tasting multiple Burgers, make them small, otherwise they’ll be full after their first Burger! 

 ✔️Make sure you label each tasting platter so your guests can keep track of what they are trying. 

 ✔️Pro tip: don’t forget to cleanse your palate between tasting each Burger blend. Snacks to neutralize your mouth for the next bite can include bread, pickles and even beer! 

 ✔️You can even create your own scoring card using our Schweid-O-Meter below to rate each tasing for tenderness, flavor and marbling. Ssshhh, tell guests to keep their thoughts on paper until the end, then compare notes! 

 Schweid-O-Meter Graphic.

After everyone has had a chance to take a bite of each Burger, it’s time to try them with different toppings to experience different flavor combinations. Yes, yes, a Burger tasting is obviously focused on being able to appreciate and enjoy the taste of the different meats, but you can’t forget the Burger fixings too! (p.s. We’ve got great Burger bar suggestions!) Here are some of the most popular Burger toppings. 

Burger topped with bacon and cheese.

The basic fixins’: 






American cheese 

The bun 


The bonus fixins’: 

 BBQ sauce 



Hot peppers 

Bleu cheese 

Sauteed mushrooms 

You get the idea! 


If you are ready to get your Burger tasting started, then shop for The Very Best Burgers from Schweid & Sons at your favorite local grocer. 


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