Cooking a Medium Rare Burger

If we had to pick one temperature for The Very Best Burger, it would be medium rare. 

Why, you ask? 


At Schweid & Sons, we consider ourselves Burger enthusiasts, so we’re pretty sure we could answer this question with quite a novel, but we’ll keep it short, sweet, and to the point. 


The goal with cooking any Burger is to deliver a juicy and delicious meal. The biggest culprit of a dry Burger is over cooking it. When it comes to medium rare vs. well done, we will always pick medium rare. In our book, a well cooked Burger should not look like a hockey puck. 


The first step to a medium rare Burger masterpiece is a premium patty from Schweid & Sons. Give our Prime Burger a try or grill up the C.A.B. All American. 

The Prime Burger Packaging.

Keep those delicious Burger juices in by cooking on high heat, for 4 – 5 minutes per side. This keeps the juices in but ensures that the ground meat is safely cooked to a medium rare temperature.

Pro tip: do not press down on the Burger patties while they are cooking, you’re letting valuable juices escape! 


A perfect medium rare Burger will have some char on the outside but with a nice, juicy red center. There are some that think pink or red meat in the center of a Burger is unsafe, so to be sure it’s cooked to medium rare perfection, check the burger’s temperature with a meat thermometer. 130-135 degrees fahrenheit is the sweet spot for a medium rare Burger.  


Oh, and remember that Burgers will continue to cook on the inside for a short time after they come off the heat source, so keep that in mind as you cook and prepare your Burgers. 


Don’t worry, if you are wondering how to cook Burgers to other temperatures, we have a post for that too 🙂 


There’s actually some science behind cooking The Very Best Burger (and a great steak, or even baking bread or roasting coffee beans). It’s called the Maillard reaction. In a nutshell, it’s the chemical and physical process that gives meat the perfect smell, taste, and sear when cooked at the right heat. 


When it comes to science, and cooking, safety always comes first. This is why we want every person who purchases a Schweid & Sons product to feel comfortable preparing anything with the word rare in it. Having the right tools and knowledge will always ensure you keep yourself, and the people you are cooking for, safe. You can find your favorite Schweid & Sons products in a store near you, just use our store locator link here

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