3 Grilling Tips For a Juicier Burger

One of the best features of a perfect Burger is the juiciness of each tender bite. When coupled with a delightful crunch, a juicy Burger will never fail to satisfy. That said, it’s easier than you think to overcook and dry out your Burger. To avoid this, we’ve identified three key factors to bear in mind the next time you grill up an American classic.

Let’s take a look at our list.

3 Grilling Tips For A Juicier Burger

Turn Up The Heat

Don’t be afraid to turn up the heat when you’re grilling Burgers. In fact, Burgers tend to cook the best when they are grilled on very high heat. By cooking at a high temperature, the fat is allowed to caramelize and form a crispy exterior while the Burger sears. This crispy outside traps the juices inside the Burger, allowing it to cook more evenly and provide a juicy, tender bite. So turn the grill up to eleven and cook away!

Don’t Overseason!

A little Kosher salt never hurt anybody. In fact, a light dusting can help activate the beef flavors on your tongue! That said, salt acts as a drying agent and will pull the moisture from your Burger. In order to keep most of that juice inside, don’t oversalt your Burger. A pinch of Kosher salt on either side is more than enough to help activate those flavors. Any more, and you could be in danger of drying out your Burger.

Keep An Eye On The Time

Cooking time is another common culprit of dry Burgers. Cook your Burger too long, and the heat will evaporate all those delicious juices, leaving you with a hockey puck instead of a tender, succulent Burger. When cooking on high heat, 4 – 5 minutes per side should suffice for a Medium Rare Burger. Five to seven minutes per side will give you Medium, and so on. Cook to your taste, but be mindful of both time and heat. (Pro Tip: After pulling from heat, Burgers will continue to cook inside for a brief period while they rest. If you overcook on the stove, the resting period will almost always churn out a dry Burger.)

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