Big Game Must-Haves!


Ready for the big game? 🏈 🍔 

At Schweid and Sons, we know being a football fan is hard work. All that jumping and yelling at the tv is a workout!  So, hearty food and cold beverages are the name of the game when it comes to fueling your team spirit.

Whether you’re hosting a sporting shindig or attending one, the party checklist probably includes the basics like chips, drinks and the ever popular football pool. But you can’t forget that you need a main dish for the main event, a real crowd pleaser. So what will it be? Burger sliders, wings, or pizza? We’ve got a better idea – chopped cheese sandwiches!

What are these delectable sounding designs? Let us break it down for you…

Born in New York bodegas, the chopped cheese (as it’s affectionately known), is basically a Burger that’s been turned into a sandwich. Start with the Very Best Burgers (we suggest Schweid & Sons Butcher’s Blend or The Prime Burger) and chop them up into pieces right on a flat grill or skillet, along with fresh onions. Melt classic American Cheese slices on top of the Burger and onion mixture, and then put it all on a hero roll (a long flat roll also called a hoagie or submarine roll) and add toppings of your choice like lettuce and tomato. 

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