Why is Sending Meat as a Gift a Great Idea?

A Must Have for all 2021 Holiday Gift Guides!

Very Best Burger Night Bundle

Gourmet goods, in general, make great gifts, especially for the foodies in your life. But a particular palette isn’t necessary to enjoy and appreciate the gift of meat. Our premium pre-made Burger patties and ground beef will be the answer to your gift-giving dilemmas. 

So, why does Schweid and Sons beef make a great gift?

  1. Memorable celebrations always revolve around food and with our bundles, it’ll always be good food.
  2. The foodies and beginner chefs on your gift list will be thanking you for years to come!
  3. It’s a gift for all occasions, including birthdays, Father’s Day and even a housewarming gift. 

Imagine, if you will, this beautiful package arrives at the recipient’s front door. Surprised and curious, they open the box, and behold, they gasp with delight at the sight of beautiful meats. The gift of meat is something anyone can use (unlike that sweater, gift card, or other erroneous gift chosen because you feel like you just have to send something).

Listen, if you think it’s a great gift, the friend or family member you’re gifting will most likely think so too. If you’re not sure what to gift, we have plenty of suggestions that will be better received than a gift basket. Try our Certified Angus Beef brand One Percenter Burger patties or maybe our Signature Series Chuck Brisket 1 lb brick for a rich chili that will warm you right up.

Find us at your local grocery store using the store locator link here and get some premium meat to gift to someone special. Trust us; they’ll love you for it.

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