Throw an EPIC Fourth of July party! ❤️💙 💥

If you ask us, the key to any great party is great food. And baby, backyard Burger barbecues are back with a vengeance, just in time for the Fourth of July! 


The big decision – what kind of Burgers should you make? (cause we all know that Burgers are the best fourth of July party food!) You could get kitschy with a red, white and blue burger (that’s ketchup, mayo and bleu cheese) or maybe an All-American cheeseburger is more your style. Add another ultimate party food and create a hot wings Burger. The options are endless with Schweid & Sons Burgers! 

 Tray with Burgers.

 But cooking Burgers for a crowd is not for the faint of heart. It takes patience and planning. Start with fresh, premium pre-made Burger patties from Schweid & Sons to make your life easy. Line ‘em up at the ready grillside and put 6-8 on the grill at a time. If you ask guests how they like their Burgers cooked, everyone will have a different answer, so we recommend that you – as the grill master – decide how YOU want to cook them and as they say, “you get what you get and you don’t get upset!”. Of course we would recommend you don’t choose rare as your chosen Burger temp 😉 

 To give your guests variety, consider putting together a Burger Bar.


This way if guests can’t custom order their Burger, then can customize it with an array of fixings, toppings, and even buns. We’re talking multiple cheese options, condiments galore, and some unexpected options for the more adventurous (pineapple, anyone?). 

So, what Burgers do we recommend after perfecting an award-winning blend for over four generations? It seems appropriate that the C.A.B. All American would be the Burger of choice for this most patriotic of all summer grilling holidays, or our Prime Burger made with USDA Prime Chuck if you’re looking to step it up for this holiday.

 We know, we know, a party can’t be JUST Burgers, so here are a few fun ideas to make your Fourth fun and festive. 

 Décor: more is more. When it’s a patriotic red, white and blue holiday, there’s never such a thing as too much Americana. American flag toothpicks, red/white/blue balloons, red checkered tablecloths, and more. 

Signature drink: try red, white and blue sangria, or even bomb pop inspired Jello shots. You get the idea. 

 All American desserts: this could be something fun like fruit kabobs using blueberries, strawberries and mini marshmallows, or how about cupcakes arranged in the shape of an American flag and frosted accordingly. 

 Wardrobe: have fun with your shindig and ask your guests to come dressed to impress in their best patriotic swag. 

 Music: queue up a curated playlist with all the summer favorites, past and present. A little Bruce Springsteen might be in order too (we have some NJ roots 😉). 

We’ll let you have fun with the details, but when it comes to the food, we’re here to help you get this party started, so get shopping! 

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