The Very Best Smashburger Recipe

Have you tried a Smashburger yet? We have the best recipe for you! If the portioning and weighing of the beef intimidates you, try our Signature Blend Sliders which are 2.5oz patties that are ready for smashing. Check out our ultimate how-to for you to get your “smash” just right.  

Retail pack of Schweid & Sons Signature Blend Sliders

What you’ll need: 

The Signature Blend 2.5oz Sliders are made from premium beef (luckily, we have you covered there) 

Buns (Martin’s potato rolls are a fan favorite because of their softness and ability to soak up the juices) 

A smasher (aka a metal spatula) 

Flat top grill (it makes the meat extra crispy once smashed) 

Cheese slices (your choice) 

Smash sauce (Everyone has their own version of a smash sauce, but we go with the classic which is:  Worcestershire, Mayo, Mustard, Hot sauce, Onion… Pro tip: grate the onion so it’s fine in the sauce and not chunky) 

What Smashburger technique you’ll use: 

This recipe is really all about the smash. Did you know that there are 2 different techniques for getting the perfect smash? Let’s go through the different ways!

  • “The Schweid Smash” or the classic smashdown. Slap your sliders on the grill, smash to your desired thickness, and get cooking. Wait for the juices to rise & flip in one turn. 
  • The Lacey Super Smash: Smash it thin and smear the meat on the grill for your lacy edges. This technique will give you crispy, see-through edges. 
  • Bonus Technique: get your slider on the flat-to grill and throw some shaved onions on top. Smash the onions in the patty and cook as usual. George Motz is known for this technique – watch him in action here: https://www.instagram.com/reel/C350pZgxJY2/ 

How you’ll make them: 

  1. Preheat a flat-top grill like a blackstone griddle or a cast iron pan 
  2. Add the 2.5oz Slider patties to the grill, wait for the meat to get warm then smash with the metal spatula. The Smashburger will cook quicker than an average Burger so keep an eye on them and only cook for 2 to 3 minutes per side. 
  3. Make the smash sauce while the Smashburgers are cooking. 
  4. After you flip, add a slice of your favorite cheese on top (while the Burger is still on the grill) and let it melt. You will only need to flip the Smashburgers once. 
  5. Move the Smashburger to a bun (don’t forget to toast the buns if you like) 
  6. Last, layer up your one, two, or three patties and dress with whatever extras you like (we’re partial to pickles) 

Craving a visual guide? Join the smash party by watching our reel or get The Very Best Smashburger recipe here. 

Let us know how your Smashburgers came out by tagging us on Instagram with #schweidandsons or @schweidandsons. 

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