Insider Tips on Cooking Burgers


We don’t really believe in shortcuts or hacks when it comes to cooking the Very Best Burger. 

Our best advice? Don’t overthink it.

Here are some tried and true best practices when it comes to cooking Burgers from Schweid & Sons.


Use the best ground beef (Schweid & Sons has you covered there!)


Keep ‘em cold. If you’re not using pre-made Burger patties, keeping your ground beef cold makes it much easier to form your Burgers.


Salt your meat, but not until it’s in Burger form. Salt dissolves proteins and removes moisture from the meat so it’s best to do it as close to cooking as possible.


Put your finger on it. Actually, your thumb works best. Make a thumbprint in the center of each patty to keep the Burger from forming an unnatural bump in the center when cooking. 


Feel free to flip. We mean your Burgers, of course. Despite what you may have heard, there’s no real rule about how often you should flip. Bottom line – there’s no harm to flipping Burgers as often as you like while cooking, so do what feels right to you.


Get the perfect melt. Pan frying your Burger, adding 2 slices of your favorite cheese on top, throwing a few splashes of water in the pan, and then covering the pan,  will produce a perfect steam-induced melt.


Keep your buns toasty. A toasted bun will save you from a soggy mess when your juicy Burger partners with it’s best friend – bread.

For more Burger inspiration, check out all of our recipes here.

Ready to get cooking with Schweid & Sons Burgers? Try our Prime Burger made from hand-selected premium cuts of boneless USDA Prime chuck, or our A.B.C. Blend – a no frills, down to basics Burger made from the finest premium black Angus cattle

You can find these Burger favorites and more in the fresh meat aisle of your favorite local store.

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