How to Cook Burgers Indoors: Non-Stick Pan

Barbecue season may be over for those in cold climates, but that doesn’t mean you need to stock the freezer and wait for the summer to cook up juicy Schweid and Sons Burgers. Nothing warms our spirits (and our stomachs) like comfort foods cooked at home. A good recipe is only as good as the chef and the products used. For best results with indoor cooking, using a trusty non-stick skillet or pan is key. So, continue to enjoy your favorite comfort foods that tastes just as good as it does on the grill.

The Benefits of Non-Stick Cookware for Cooking Burgers

When prepping to cook your burger indoors, choosing the right non-stick cookware is important. Capturing flavor is much more effective when half of your meat, seasoning, and marinade isn’t stuck to the skillet. Who needs a grill when you can flip amazing burgers on the stovetop?

To get started, choose your favorite non-stick skillet. Make sure that there is ample room in the pan so the burgers do not touch each other in the pan. Also, make sure that there are no chips in the non-stick coating. Heat up the skillet on medium-high heat and place the patties on the skillet once it is hot – no oil needed! Season to taste and cook to your desired doneness. Don’t forget to add cheese if you want an oozy Burger.

Bonus Tip: sometimes the cheese gets on the pan and turns into crispy, fried cheese and that is the stuff dreams are made of.

The Best Burger for Cooking Indoors

Since you’re using a non-stick skillet, you won’t need to use any oil or butter when cooking up Schweid and Sons Burger. Our Burgers pack a juicy and flavorful punch that a hot skillet elevates by creating that necessary outer crust on the burger. Some of our favorite Chuck Burger blends to cook indoors is The Signature Series: The Chuck Brisket or The One Percenter Burgers. Each has a distinct flavor and a perfect lean to fat ratio for a savory and delicious burger.

Not feeling burgers? That’s OK! You can use our Burgers for other dishes by crumbling up the beef in the non-stick pan. Great for meatballs, tacos, or even a hearty chili. Check our recipe library for non-burger recipes to try.

Chef Tip: Cooking Burgers indoors can be messy. Cover surfaces with foil and turn on your range fan to help with clean up later.

It’s safe to say indoor cooking is anything but boring. Whether you’re serving up burgers for the whole family or enjoying a burger night for two, Schweid & Sons Burgers can be enjoyed all year round. Make it seasonal by using some of the available vegetables of that time.

Check out our Store Locator to find the perfect Schweid & Sons Burger patty nearest you. Turn your everyday burger into The Very Best Burger.

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