Highlight the Cut: Chuck

The Best Cuts for Burgers: All About Chuck with Schweid & Sons

At Schweid & Sons, only the top-tier beef cuts make it into the blend for premium quality Burgers. While each cut is important and flavorful, today, we’re diving deep into the world of Chuck—a favorite for the best Burgers. 

Understanding Primal Cuts: Why Chuck Stands Out

Beef is divided into what’s known as primal cuts—a meat lover’s map. Each cut boasts distinct characteristics, with Chuck being a household name in the Burger realm. Originating from the beef’s forequarter, which includes the neck, shoulder blade, and upper arm, Chuck might be a tough cut due to its proximity to the head and abundant connective tissues. However, its high marbling translates to a rich, buttery flavor, making it a top choice for those seeking the best beef for Burgers. Blending ground beef Chuck with other cuts of beef offers a nice and balanced flavor and texture in ground beef.

What are the best cuts of beef for Burgers? First up is chuck, one of the go-to's!


Did You Know?

The cattle’s shoulder bone shape resembles the number seven, earning Chuck steaks the nickname “7-bone steaks.”


Beyond crafting The Very Best Burgers, Chuck’s versatility shines in classic dishes, from the comforting Sunday pot roast to Dad’s cherished bone-in steak.


Discover the taste of Chuck in the Schweid & Sons product range. Grab a 1lb brick of The Signature Blend or pre-made patties like C.A.B. The Butcher’s Blend at your local grocer!


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