Highlight the Cut: Brisket

Discovering the Best Beef Cuts: The Brilliance of Brisket with Schweid & Sons

The Very Best Burgers need the very best cuts of meat. At Schweid & Sons, our entire business is focused on bringing you only the best in our pre-made Burger patties and bulk ground beef products. In fact, we’ve been doing that for the past 45 years through four generations of the Schweid family.

 Brisket: The Star of the Burger World

Today, Brisket stands out as a revered cut in the burger landscape. As one of the primal cuts sourced from cattle, Brisket originates from the forequarter—the breast area—giving it a fat-rich marbling, resulting in a much-loved “buttery” flavor profile. The marbling (streaks of fat) in brisket melts during cooking, adding incredible richness and keeping the Burger juicy – which is what we all want to have in our Burgers!

Blending Brisket with other cuts of beef provides a tasteful balance of juiciness and flavor. Also, because of the fat and connective tissue in the brisket cut, our Burgers have a nice textural variation to give you a steak-like bite (also from of our proprietary grinding process).

Other than Burgers, this versatile cut shines in delicacies like slow-cooked barbecue, corned beef, and pastrami, where its prolonged cooking unlocks unmatched tenderness and taste.

To learn more about our dedication to bringing you The Very Best Burger, read our heritage story and all about our safety practices.

Looking for a go-to Brisket Burger? Try the Schweid & Sons The Heritage Blend or The Signature Blend.


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