Gas and Flat-Top Grill Cleaning Guide: Essential Tips and Techniques

Whether you’re a year-round grill enthusiast or prepping for the peak of the grilling season, knowing how to clean your gas or flat-top grill is essential for optimal performance and taste.

Planning regular cleanings will help to keep your grill in tip-top shape, no matter how often you use it.

So, what’s the best way to clean your grill? Not to worry, the expert grillers at Schweid & Sons have you covered 🙂

Gas Grill Cleaning Essentials

Tools needed:

*Scrub pad

*Grease-cutting cleaning wipes

*Wire brushes

*Soap and water

A gas grill has lots of parts, and both the inside and outside of the grill should be well cared for throughout the year.

  1. Make sure your grates look great

Soak grill grates in dish soap and water and scrub off as much cooked on food and grime as possible.

  1. Get dirty (inside the grill)

Scrub pads and wire brushes will work wonders to deep clean and remove all the bits that end up below your grill surface.

  1. Judge this book by its cover

What we are trying to say is make sure you don’t forget about keeping the outside of the grill in good shape, too, by wiping the exterior of the grill down with a grease-cutting cleaner or wipes.

Flat-Top Grill Cleaning Tips

Tools needed:

*Bench scraper

*Paper towel or dishrag


Even though there are no traditional grill grates (or usually as many burners) to deal with, there is still regular maintenance required to keep your flat-top grill in good working order.

  1. Keep the flat-top, just that…flat…and free of build-up

That bench scraper tool will be your best friend when it comes to keeping the flat top surface clean and prepped each time you use it.

  1. Keep it dry (no rust, please)

Regularly wipe down the surface of the grill with a rag or paper towel to keep food particles off of it and keep it dry when not in use,

  1. Season, season, and season some more

The flat surface should be wiped down with oil on a regular basis so that it’s seasoned and ready for use without risking food sticking to the grill top.

Pro tip: Cover your grill when not in use and protect it from the elements in the off-season. This simple act will greatly prolong the life of your grill!


Maintaining and cleaning your gas or flat-top grill not only ensures the best flavor but also prolongs the life of your equipment. After a thorough cleaning, reward yourself by grilling some delectable Schweid & Sons Burgers. Whether you prefer The C.A.B. All American or The Prime Burger, every bite will be a testament to your hard work.

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