Cooking Burgers in the oven vs grilling

What’s the best way to cook a Burger? Well, that depends on who you ask! Here’s the Schweid & Sons primer on Burger cooking best practices. While you can grill all year round, there are always other options, so let’s break down your Burger prep choices. Here’s what you’ll find in this blog post: 

  • Different ways to cook a Burger 
  • Grilling a Burger is the tastiest and most common way a Burger is cooked 
  • Cooking a Burger on a skillet will give you a delicious crust  
  • Yes, you can cook a Burger in an oven and it’ll still be amazing!
  • Newbie coming through – try cooking a Burger in an air fryer 

Grill it 

The old standby and how probably most Burger lovers do it. Whether charcoal or gas, the grilled Burger is a staple, and must-have, at BBQs. The smokiness of the grill adding to the flavor of the Burger is definitely our preferred cooking method. However, outdoor grilling may not always be an option.  


Fry it up on the stovetop 

Just like some of the most popular fast food chains do it, so can you! The direct heat gives these Burgers a perfect sear that is a trademark of pan-frying meat. If you’re looking for that Burger “crust” – this is the way to do it. Cast iron, stainless steel, or even non-stick will all work in achieving that delicious crust.  


Bake it in the oven 

No, we’re not kidding! Some say it’s actually the easiest (and cleanest) way to cook them. In an oven-safe pan or baking sheet, cook between 350 – 400 degrees until the internal temperature reaches your desired degree of doneness. 


Air fry it 

The least traditional and newest of the go-to options, many people swear by it for its ease and quick cook time. Nothing fancy here, but you know what you’re getting every time with an air fryer’s cooking consistency. Have you tried cooking a Burger in the air fryer?  


If you’re not sure how to cook to the desired meat temperature, follow the Schweid & Sons basic Burger cooking guidelines here. 

However you plan to prepare The Very Best Burger, pick up some pre-made patties from Schweid & Sons in-store (how about The Prime Burger or The ABC Blend?), and get cooking! 

 Pro tip: Make sure you have some fat in your Burger blend for juicier Burgers. We recommend an 80/20 ratio. 

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