Cooking Burgers in a Cast Iron Skillet

If you’re craving that delicious Burger but don’t want to wait until summer rolls back around, take heart! Though many people do love a good burger fresh off the grill, an equally delicious Burger can be made indoors with your favorite frying pan. No matter the season, you can enjoy a next-level Burger year-round. One of our favorite ways to enjoy a Schweid and Sons Burger is on a cast iron skillet. Below, we will go through why and how to cook your Burger on a cast iron skillet and why we feel they will turn out just as scrumptious as when you cook them on the grill.

Benefits of Cooking with Cast Iron

There are lots of reasons to cook with cast iron. Other than the fact that the method makes burgers taste great, of course. Here are 3 reasons why you should cook your Burgers on a cast iron pan.

Gets Hot and Stays Hot

Not only does cast iron heat quickly; it also stays very hot which is key to making The Very Best Burger. The high heat from the cast iron skillet creates a crispy sear on the outside of the Burger that seals in the juices and gives the Burger some texture.

Quick and Easy to Care For

Unlike other types of cookware, cast iron is not washed in the traditional sense; and it’s best if you take care of business shortly after lifting your fully cooked Schweid and Sons burgers from the pan. This will give the Burgers time to rest and redistribute its juices.

Instead of using soap, simply rinse with warm water and wipe the pan thoroughly with a kitchen towel and perhaps a bit of kosher salt. The most strenuous part of the entire process is making sure the pan is completely dried after it’s been rinsed and wiped down. 

Improves Over Time

Though much cookware hits its peak shortly after purchase and declines in efficiency the longer it’s used, cast iron experiences the opposite effect. This is due both to the nature of cast iron and to the cumulative effects of caring well for it over time: the longer you care for a cast-iron pan, the greater the rewards. Better start cooking some Burgers to get your cast iron pan to its optimal state.

Burgers made with high-quality ingredients are always a delight, but those same burgers cooked in a properly seasoned and well-tended cast-iron pan? That’s how you take your Burgers to the next level. 

Smash Burgers on a Cast Iron Skillet

Ready to take your Burger game to the next level while staying warm indoors? 

For your patties, start with The Signature Blend Sliders. This Certified Angus Beef® brand chuck guarantees a tender, juicy burger every time. Or, try one of our other Schweid and Sons Burger patties available in the fresh meat section of your local grocery store. Find a store here.


With your cast iron pan on medium-high, add an even coat of oil before adding your patties. Once the oil is evenly distributed, add your patties and smash them down with your spatula. After about five minutes (when the patties have formed a good crust on the bottom), flip and smash again. Wait five minutes, and repeat the process. Add your slice of cheese now because these smashed patties cook quick! When the burgers have reached the desired level of “doneness,” slide them from the cast iron pan onto a toasted bun, add pickles, and top with your favorite condiment.

Restaurant Quality Burgers on a Cast Iron Skillet

Start with Schweid & Son’s The Signature Blend. The soft texture and buttery flavor provide the a great base for these Rosemary Fig Burgers. Cooking these patties on your cast-iron skillet with butter instead of oil will do much to maximize the natural flavors of the meat.

Over high heat, add your patties to the skillet. Cook for 5  minutes on one side and 3 minutes on the other. Then add your cheese of choice, wait for it to melt, and check for your level of desired doneness.

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