Looking for Burger Wine Pairings?

Here are our thoughts on the best wines to go with your Burgers

It probably comes as no surprise that a great piece of red meat (like a Schweid & Sons Burger patty) pairs well with red wine. The challenge for you might be knowing what wine to pair with what kind of Burger. Never fear, Schweid & Sons to the rescue!

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Believe it or not, one of the most important things to consider when it comes to pairing Burgers with wine, is the meat’s fat content. Generally speaking, the more marbled (that’s the fat interspersed throughout) your meat, the more robust you want your wine to be. The leaner the burger, the lighter the wine. 

One of the other factors to consider in Burger and wine pairings is what you put on or with your Burger. Cheese? Bacon? What’s your pleasure? 

So, let’s lay out a few pairing possibilities:

A classic (no fuss) Burger 

Instead of a soda pop with your Burger, try something that still has some sweetness, like a fruity malbec. Malbecs from Argentina tend to be a little fruitier than those from France. It’s a balance of plum and black pepper that goes great with a juicy Burger.

The All American Cheeseburger 

With that extra flavor profile of cheese, a cabernet, merlot or bordeaux are great pairing choices. Change it up with blue cheese crumbles on top of the Burger patty and the flavor only goes up a notch! 

Bacon BBQ Burger

The smoky flavors of barbecue sauce and bacon call for a smoky wine to complete them. Try a smoky zinfandel, Australian shiraz, French Syrah, or Italian Aglianico. 

A good rule of thumb? Big bold red wines work well with most Burgers. This can include grenache, malbec, shiraz, cabernet-shiraz blends and zinfandel, among others. Try The One Percenter paired with tannin-rich reds like French malbec, Italian Aglianico, or a true Bordeaux. Leaner Burger blends like the Grass Fed Standard pair well with lighter wines like a pinot or barbera. 

So before you head out to grab your next bottle of beaujolais or bordeaux, check out the Very Best Burgers from Schweid and Sons at a local store near you. Better yet, sign up for our email newsletter to get access to our latest promotions and more great tips to make the most of your Schweid and Sons purchase. 

Have a favorite pairing? We’d love to know! Share your go-to wine and Burger combo in the comments below. And show us your date night, or solo, setup on Instagram using @schweidandsons or #schweidandsons!

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