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There’s a big difference between loving burgers and living for burgers. You may love eating hamburgers and you might even put pictures of them up on your social media. You might even invite your friends over to eat a burger that you cooked or ask them to join you as you check out the new local burger joint. That’s definitely loving hamburgers.

Creating an exclusive club that meets monthly, rates burgers and creates an on line following that makes it look like all you eat is hamburgers, that’s living for burgers. That’s taking love to a dedication level. That’s the Gotham Burger Social Club.


Following the Gotham Burger Social Club on instagram means a constant stream of pictures of dapper gents in suits, refreshing cocktails and of course, succulent burgers. If you’re thinking, where have I head of these guys, perhaps it was in an article on the NY Post or a little story that was on CNBC.


Founded by Burger Junkie Michael Puma (center, left), the Gotham Burger Social Club is made up of a bunch of Wall Streeter’s, all men, who in their off business hours live a life that celebrates our favorite sandwich, the hamburger.

Meeting once a month, the club clinks cocktails, makes jokes and inhales some of the best burgers in and around NYC. Unfortunately the club is closed for new member submission so until that time, you’ll have to live vicariously through their social media … or the rare person that gets invited to join them.


When @gothamburgersocialclub invites you out for a burger @saxonandparole, you say yes. A photo posted by Schweid And Sons – Burgers – (@schweidandsons) on

Like I said, these guys don’t love burgers, they LIVE for burgers.  From time to time, they share their own kitchen and backyard BBQ creations. On one such occasion, Mike used our ground beef to create a burger. On Superbowl Sunday, the Gotham Burger Social Club Buffalo Wing Burger was unleashed on the burgerverse and they responded with likes, a lot of them.

The One Percenter is pure, 100{ac6e72b93aea1d4d9fc638073263449a51587c3353b2bb23f0a1180fb3daf6fc}, fresh ground Angus chuck and that’s only part of what makes it special. The One Percenter grades at both Certified Angus Beef and as USDA Prime. That means it’s about the juiciest and most succulent gourmet ground beef you can put between buns.

Schweid and Sons Packaging The One Percenter 9K2A2369CC

If you want to blow your friends away with your burger cooking skills, this is the burger for you. With that, I was able to convince Michael to share the recipe so that you could create this ‘bute at home yourself.



Stove-Top Directions:

  1. Start off by taking  the Schweid & Sons “ One Percenter” USDA Prime Angus Beef patties out of the fridge 20 mins before cooking to help ensure a well-cooked burger that will have a nice crust and pink and hot in the middle.
  2. Start heating your pan as hot as you can get it! Cast Iron works great.
  3. Simply season the patty with salt and pepper and put them on the pan for 3 minutes… leave them alone to create a great and flavorful crust.
  4. In a sauce pan start with 3 tables spoons of butter and add a cup of Franks Red Hot.
  5. Cook until butter is melted and incorporated into the hot sauce, approx. 3-4 mins on med high heat.
  6. While the patty is cooking toast your buns in a little butter in a separate pan.
  7. Crumble your blue cheese and prepare your dressing, I use both on this burger.
  8. After 3 minutes flip your patties and cook another 2 minutes for a medium burger.

Burger-Build Directions:

Take the patties off and lets start building this amazing game day burger.

  1. Start with the lettuce and lay a patty on top ( this will help the bun from getting too wet) and layer some crumbled blue cheese on the patty.
  2. Drizzle your buffalo hot sauce over the blue cheese and add to taste, I like a few tables spoons on it.
  3. Layer your second patty on top and the cheese will start to melt.
  4. Next top the 2nd patty with your blue cheese dressing. I recommend Maries dressing, it’s a bit thicker and wont run off.
  5. Finish this beast with the toasted buttery top bun and enjoy.


Cheers from the Gotham Burger Social Club!
– Michael Puma, Founder.

When you make this at home and share photos on instagram, be sure to tag @GothamBurgerSocialClub & @SchweidAndSons so you get a proper round of burger cheers.

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