Round: Art of the Blend

There are many cuts of beef available — but which ones are the best for Hamburger blends? That’s a great question and honestly, the answer is subjective. Sure, you could blend any of them together, but taste preferences vary, which is why it’s more “art” than “science”. However, after 40 years of making the Very Best Burger, we have learned which are the best beef cuts to blend together that will taste really, really good! Here’s one of our favorites, the round beef cut!

Featured Beef Cut: Round

  • RoundDivided into several cuts: eye of round, top and bottom round. 
  • Generally a leaner and slightly tougher cut which is why it’s great to use for making jerky.
  • When cooked on it’s own, it’s best prepared with slow-moist heat methods.

About The Blend: The All Natural

  • Angus cattle is certified humane, both raised and handled
  • Never exposed to antibiotics, hormones, or steroids
  • Raised in a network of 250 family farms across the United States

Recipe Using The All Natural:

Alex Floethe’s Mac N Cheesiest Burger

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