Sirloin: Art of the Blend

There are many cuts of beef available — but which ones are the best for Hamburger blends? That’s a great question and honestly, the answer is subjective. Sure, you could blend any of them together, but taste preferences vary, which is why it’s more “art” than “science”. However, after 40 years of making the Very Best Burger, we have learned which are the best beef cuts to blend together that will taste really, really good! Here are some of our favorites!

Featured Beef Cut: Sirloin

The Grass Fed Standard Packaging.

  • Comprises two parts: the top and bottom sirloin.
  • T-bone, porterhouse, and club steaks are cut from the sirloin.
  • Comes from the rear back portion of the animal off the short loin.


About The Blend: The Grass Fed Standard

  • Fed an all forage-based diet & never any grain
  • Handled & raised humanely at all times
  • Raised with no added hormones or antibiotics

Recipe Using The Grass Fed Standard

The Sprouted Burger

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