Sliders: A Party Favorite

Sliders are the ultimate party food. Easy to make, the perfect bite size, and you can make them in so many ways to please everyone’s palate. Whether you are looking for something simple or an out-of-the-box meal, Sliders provides all the versatility you need. But how can you spice it up for your next party?


While a great basic Burger may be what your crowd is after, why not surprise them with something just a little bit different?


Try these fun recipe inspirations for your next get-together!

Pull Apart Sliders 

Line your assembled Sliders up (with lots of cheese to keep them connected by the gooey goodness!) in a grid nice and tight on a baking sheet and heat them up in an oven so they “melt” together. Serve them as one big unit so guests can literally pull them apart.

Cheesy pull apart sliders

Skewered Sliders 

Make your party presentation fun by serving assembled Sliders on a stick! Double skewer those bad boys (through the bottom of the bun and out the top) so they stay together.

Slider fondue

You know those skewered Sliders you just made? Dip them in a delicious hot cheese fondue for an extra decadent bite. You can never go wrong with extra cheese on Sliders!

Naked Slider 

We mean no buns, literally 😂. Instead of bread, try large mushroom caps, a lettuce wrap, waffle fries, or even grilled pineapple for the adventurous. Get creative and make it delicious, there are so many options. Dress these naked Sliders with whatever will make your guests happy!

Schweid & Sons sliders with waffle fries as a bun. Topped with ketchup and pickles.







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