Sizzlin’ Summer Sides for Burgers

As summer days fade, gear up for the ultimate Labor Day BBQ bash. With gardens still bursting with fresh produce, now’s the moment to pair those fire-roasted veggies with the finest gourmet burgers for a memorable end-of-summer soirée.

Plan your Labor Day cookout with the season’s best harvest. Grilled vegetables offer a tantalizing twist, ensuring your BBQ is the talk of the town. Consider these crowd-favorites:

🔥 Zucchini 

🔥Bell peppers 



🔥Corn (on the cob and in the husk)

🔥Potatoes (bakes, diced, or skewered)

🔥‘Shrooms (the bigger, the better – think portobello)

🔥Onions (sliced, chunked or sauted on a grill griddle top)

🔥Asparagus stalks


Need serving inspiration?


✅ Consider a grill-skillet sauté for a medley of tastes.

✅ Enrich a summertime salad with grilled veggies.

✅ Vegetable skewers bring a festive flair.

✅ Opt for BBQ-baked potatoes wrapped in foil, ready for your guests to customize.


And, for the pièce de résistance: Schweid & Sons Burgers. While shopping at your go-to grocer, we’ve got the Burger fit for your grill. Find your favorite Schweid & Sons products in a store near you, just use our store locator link here

To complement your healthy grilled sides, try The Grass Fed Standard or The All Natural.

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