Sizzlin’ Summer Sides for Burgers

Summer is winding down, which means that your last summer shindig is right around the corner.


That’s right, it’s time to get planning for your Labor Day Weekend BBQ.


It’s perfect timing as everyone’s summer gardens are pulling in their last bounties. What can you grill alongside your Burgers?  All the things! Fire roasted veggies just hit different, and they are a crowd pleaser.


Grill up a big platter of your favorite summer vegetables and serve alongside The Very Best Burgers and you’ll be the talk of the neighborhood this Labor Day weekend.


🔥 Zucchini 

🔥Bell peppers 



🔥Corn (on the cob and in the husk)

🔥Potatoes (bakes, diced, or skewered)

🔥‘Shrooms (the bigger, the better – think portobello)

🔥Onions (sliced, chunked or sauted on a grill griddle top)

🔥Asparagus stalks


How to serve your veggies? However you want! 


✅Try throwing a skillet on the grill and sautéing a bunch of stuff.

✅Grill the veggies to add to a summer salad 

✅Make skewers of vegetables to serve as a side

✅Wrap potatoes in foil and “bake” on the grill for an bbq-style baked potato bar (don’t forget the fixin’s) 


Whatever your Labor Day BBQ ends up looking like, Schweid & Sons has you covered with ground beef and pre-made Burger patties that you can purchase online or at your favorite grocer


To complement your healthy grilled sides, try The Grass Fed Standard or The All Natural.


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