How to make a Loose Meat Hamburger – Recipe


Have you ever had a Loose Meat Hamburger? If you are from Iowa, you might know it by another name, the Tavern Sandwich. It’s like a hamburger but instead of a patty, the ground beef is unformed, kind of like taco meat. If you were a fan of the TV series Rosanne, you’ll remember when they opened the restaurant the “Lanford Lunch Box” as their specialty was a loose meat sandwich.


If you live in or have spent time in Iowa, Minnesota and parts of Illinois you might be familiar with the restaurant chain Maid-Rite. Their menu tent pole is  something called “The Original Maid-Rite.”  It’s described as “The one and only — a perfectly seasoned ground beef loose meat sandwich served on a warm bun,” or in other words, a loose meat sandwich.

maid-rite-hamburgerOriginal image from Food Around The Track

Not only are loose meat burgers delicious, they are perfect for the winter months when it’s too cold outside to grill (we know, some you think it’s never TOO cold), but you still want burgers. It’s also a great way to make burgers in your kitchen without all the juices splattering out of your iron skillet.


1 package Schweid & Sons Ground Beef (suggested: The ABC Blend)
1 tablespoon vegetable oil
1 cup chicken stock
1 tablespoon paprika
1 tablespoon garlic powder or 6 cloves of garlic minced
1/2 tablespoon Worcestershire sauce
1/2 yellow onion, chopped
1/4 stick of butter or 2 tablespoons
Martin’s Sliced Potato Rolls
American Cheese
1/4 cup Stout Beer
Salt & Pepper to taste

Schweid and Sons Packaging The ABC Blend 9K2A2392CC


  1. Heat up vegetable oil in a large pot on high
  2. Add ground beef & brown, stirring frequently so you break up the meat
  3. In separate pot, heat chicken stock. Once boiling, remove from heat.
  4. Once ground beef has browned, add chicken stock to the meat.
  5. Add garlic, paprika & Worcestershire sauce and stir.
  6. As soon as it comes to a bubble, reduce heat and simmer 15 minutes. Stir occasionally.
  7. While meat is simmering, add onions, butter and stout to a sauce pan on medium-high.
  8. Stir until onions brown and then remove from heat.
  9. Place a half a slice of cheese on the bottom bun.
  10. Place a spoon full on onions above the cheese.
  11. Scoop ground beef on top.
  12. Add another half slice on top of the meat and top bun
  13. Serve & enjoy!

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