Highlight the Cut: Sirloin

The Best Cuts for Burgers: All About Sirloin with Schweid & Sons

Thank you for following us through our Highlight the Cut Series! As we enter the last days of National Burger Month, we are focusing on the Sirloin cut.


At Schweid & Sons, our ground beef is made from the most premium cuts of meat available. We meticulously grind whole muscles—from cuts like Sirloin—to bring you The Very Best Burgers.


Sirloin is one of the most common cuts of beef at any butcher counter or meat purveyor. Sirloin is what is known as a sub-primal cut of beef. This means it comes from a cattle’s hindquarters, in the loin area, right above the tenderloin. Primal cuts of beef refer to the first cuts to be taken from the steer’s carcass during the butchering process. People enjoy this lean cut for its rich flavor and high protein.

Sirloin cut of beef


As a premium cut of beef from a regularly used—and very muscular—part of the animal, sirloin is very lean. Without much fat, there is less marbling, so while tasty, it can be on the tougher side. This is why sirloin is usually mixed with other cuts that have a higher fat content to make a more tender, juicy, and flavorful Burger.


When considering what Burger blend to buy for your next barbecue, there is certainly a lot to consider. Each cut comes from a different part of the animal, which leads to individual flavors, texture, and amount of juiciness depending on its unique fat ratio. Depending on your preferences and meal ideas, do a little research to find the best blend to tie your Burger meal together.


Try The Heritage Blend 5.3 oz pre-formed Burger patties at your next backyard barbecue or family dinner night to try sirloin in your Burger mix.

Schweid & Sons The Heritage Blend with blends of cuts of Sirloin

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