Burgers and Beer

A Burger and a beer are the perfect meal combo. It’s literally like a marriage made in heaven. But what beer to have with your Burger might stump you.  

So what are the best beers to pair with The Very Best Burgers? It all starts with a quality ground beef from Schweid & Sons like our CAB Butchers Blend or the Signature Series:Chuck Brisket. Then it comes down to the flavors you pair with the Burger. That could include the toppings, sauces or Burger seasonings. Here are some flavor profile pairing suggestions to tempt your tastebuds.

Rich & creamy 

Pair things like goat cheese, avocado, and creamy salad dressings on your Burger with wheat beers, Belgian ales, or IPAs.

Spicy hot

Complement a spicy Burger with a Pilsner to lessen the heat, or an IPA to match the heat.  

Garden Fresh

Fresh veggies on your Burger – like lettuce, tomato and cucumber – call for clean flavors like those found in a lager or blonde ale.


If you’re a fan of citrus flavors or anything pickled (even mustard!) then load up your Burger accordingly and pair it with a pale ale or wheat beer. 

Smokey goodness

The flavor of a great barbecue sauce or smoked bacon goes great with a porter, and if there’s sweet in the smokiness then an IPA can be the right pairing for your Burger. 


For a gourmet cheese Burger with mushrooms and an aged cheese like Swiss or Gouda, try a porter or amber beer. 

Oh and don’t forget you can cook with beer too! It could be the perfect addition to seasoning your all beef Burger patties or as part of a side of beer battered onion rings, yum! 

As you head out for all the fixings for your favorite Burger and beer pairing, you can find the Schweid & Sons retailers near you through our store locator

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