Best Burgers for Tailgating


Whether you have tickets to a game, are going to game day at your (or your kid’s) college, or supporting the local high school team at Friday night lights, make sure you have the most important part of the tailgate covered—that would be the Burgers, of course!

First things first, make your life easy and buy our fresh Burger patties. There is absolutely no reason to be saddled with preparing The Very Best Burger patties at the tailgate. That’s losing precious time cheering for your favorite team after all 🙂 

Traveling for game day? Pick them up at your favorite store on the way and pop them in the cooler for temperature control until they hit the grill.

The Prime Burger package with a brown kraft sleeve and inside you see two fresh Burger patties.

Don’t worry, you’ve got a variety to choose from when selecting pre-made Burger patties. If you’re using a grill, try The Smokehouse Blend or The Prime Burger. If you are bringing out the flat-top grill, pick up a pack of our new The Signature Blend Sliders which are 2.5oz fresh patties that are perfectly portioned for smash burgers!

The Signature Blend Sliders package with a brown kraft sleeve and inside you see fresh slider patties

Here are a few tips for getting that tailgate grilling just right on game day.

  • Right before you put your pre-made patties onto the grill, season them with a little shake of salt and pepper.
  • Don’t smash those Burgers on the grill (unless it’s a flat top!). To keep the Burgers’ juiciness intact, sear both sides of the Burger and then leave to cook through.
  • Organize your toppings ahead of time. Keep it simple with the classics—lettuce, tomato, cheese (bacon and sauteed mushrooms if you’re feeling ambitious), and ketchup.
  • Heat up your buns on the grill to make sure the Burger stays hot
  • Ok, now you’re tailgate ready! Go Team! 🏈

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