Very Best Burger Truck: Taste of Syracuse Recap

The Very Best Burger Truck stopped by Taste of Syracuse in Syracuse, NY, to serve delicious Burgers to the masses. Our second major stop on the Very Best Burger Truck Tour, Taste of Syracuse was a truly lively and welcoming event—and boy were the attendees hungry! Let’s take a look at a quick recap including a Cattle Call Q&A with Syracuse’s own @EatLocalCNY!

Taste of Syracuse in Photos

The Cattle Call: @EatLocalCNY

What is your favorite Burger from childhood?  

My parents owned a 50’s style diner in Northern Kentucky when I was a kid.  The classic Cheeseburger from our family diner was always a favorite!  A 1/3 lb. hamburger with Swiss cheese on a local bakery roll. 

What was the last Burger you ate?

The last Burger I ate was the Taste of Syracuse Burger made by Schweid & Sons.  Great tasting beef, mozzarella cheese, Roma tomato, balsamic glaze, and Italian seasoning…It was delicious!

What Burger have you not had that you want to try?

Believe it or not, I have never had a Smashburger and I hear they’re amazing!

If you could share a Burger with anyone—alive or dead, real or fictional—who would it be?

That’s an easy one to answer.  Darth Vader!  Why?  Because he wouldn’t be able to eat anything with his helmet!  I could finish my Burger and then take his.  

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