Try Some of These Delicious Burger Sauces!

Chef’s Kiss 😘! You just cooked up the most mouth-watering Schweid & Sons burger and even though that meat is grilled to perfection, you know you just need a little extra sauce to make it the Very Best Burger. Great News! We compiled some of the best burger sauces for you so you can drizzle, or drench, your burgers in them. Whether you are looking for something traditional or something with a little more funk, there is a burger sauce out there for whatever mood you are in.

Let’s take a look some easy Burger sauces you can use at home when you are grilling up some burgers to add some extra flavor.

The Classics

We won’t spend too much time on ketchup, mustard, and mayo, but no list of burger sauces would be complete without at least mentioning the sauces that we all grew up with. There is nothing wrong with a classic burger with some ketchup. There’s a reason that sugary tomato sauce is a perfect pair with a grilled burger. And if you are not a ketchup fan ( ::gasp:: there are some out there ), add some garlic powder to mayonnaise and slather that on your bun for extra flavor.

Thousand Island — Whopper Style

If you’ve had a Big Mac or a Whopper (and let’s face it, if you’re reading this, you probably have), then you have probably noticed they have something a little different on their burgers besides the traditional sauces. You can easily replicate this by adding some Thousand Island dressing to your burger. One word of caution, the texture is a bit thinner than ketchup, so use it sparingly. We recommend putting it on the bun with a butter knife for an even spread. Of course, it is extra tasty in heavy doses when it’s dripping down your chin with the best of the wonderful burger juices.

The nice thing with using Thousand Island dressing, it actually works well with ketchup and mayo. So, if you do not want to veer too far away from the classics, adding this will be a nice twist to add just a little extra flavor. And Thousand Island is something you might have in your fridge anyway, so if you don’t love it on your burger, you will be able to easily use it up on a salad so it will not go to waste.

The Modern Twist — Aioli Based Sauces

Many fast-casual burger joints are offering some aioli type sauces on their burgers and now you can make it at home! Mostly made of oil, garlic, salt, pepper, mayo, this is a creamy option packed full of flavor. Chances are you might not be even able to pinpoint that exact flavor you love, but you just know it’s good. If you want something a little extra special, give some Aioli sauces a try.

Some restaurants pair the aioli sauce with their “hangover burgers,” the burgers that sometimes have a fried egg and some extra grease to help you through brunch the morning after a long night. We do find aioli sauce works well with these breakfast type burgers, complimenting the egg and bacon taste well.

Get Fancy with some Truffle Oil

If we are talking about truffle oil know that we are a long way from Big Macs and Whoppers. Considered a finishing oil, you might have experienced this delicacy in other foods than just burgers. Some places drizzle it all over French fries (cue Homer Simpson drool here). On a burger, this pairs well with Swiss cheese, onions, and mushrooms. If that’s your favorite burger then truffle oil is a must-have.

If you want to get creative, you can actually use the oil when you are cooking the burger to infuse some of this amazing flavor right into the burger patty. Some might find the taste a little strong, and you can make it a little less rich by mixing it with mayo and spreading it on the bun. This allows you to get the awesome flavors without having it overpower the rest of the taste of your burger.

Spicy Burger Sauces

Add some spice into your life! There are some spicy burger sauces you can use if you are someone who likes Burgers on the heated side. Consider making your own sauce and using a jalapeno base or even some hot wing sauce as a base. You can easily make your own sauce, which also helps you control the amount of spice you use, so you can make it as spicy or as tame as you would like. In most cases, you will mix your spice with some mayo, as the mayo will cut down on the heat and allow you to spread it over your burger. This way it will have the right consistency, and will not be too much or too little. With mayo as a base, you can make this perfect to your exact specifications.

Sriracha Sauce

Is it just us, or did we wake up a few years back, and all of a sudden Sriracha sprung up overnight and was everywhere? That’s ok — we love it! Sriracha sauce can be used on a variety of dishes, making this great to have on hand at home since you can use it on more than one type of meal you prepare. For burgers, mix this as it is just with mayo, and you will get the perfect texture for your burger. You will not need to use any other condiment on your burger if you have this delicious mixture on hand. Our only word of caution is — make sure you make enough, everyone will love this and it will be gone quickly!

When in doubt, if you have burger-related questions, our team is here to help! Reach out and contact us today — we love talking burgers, whether it’s grilling techniques, flavors to add, or sauces to dip, we have tried them all and love sharing our expertise!

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