What Are The Top Ratings And Review Sites For Restaurants?

What Are The Top Ratings & Review Sites For Restaurants?

Social media has had a major impact on the restaurant industry over the past decade. Where print reviews used to reign supreme, now a glowing tweet or customer service request on Yelp can influence the public perception of a restaurant before a customer even gets to see the place in person.

For this year’s Burger Trends Report, we asked restaurateurs and chefs which ratings and review sites they paid the most attention to related to the online promotion of their restaurants. The results lend an interesting peek into what restauranteurs consider to be the most influential social media platforms out there today.

And of course, for any restaurant owner or chef that hasn’t yet taken the dive into digital marketing, it gives one a good idea of where to start.

What Are The Top Ratings & Review Sites For Restaurants?

The report proves Yelp to be the dominant site where customers go to find business and also where business owners go to interact with customers and get / give feedback. The site offers patrons a great platform to voice their opinions and share their dining experiences—for better or for worse. And it also gives chefs and restaurant owners insight into what makes their customers tick.

To get more insights into what’s popular and trending in the Burger world today, including the frequency at which restaurant owners reply to ratings and reviews, get a copy of the Burger Trends Report. It’s chock-full of helpful information for those who want to stay up-to-date on the industry.

And who knows—maybe you’ll find some inspiration for your next Burger creation!

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