The Top 10 Burger Recipes of 2016

This year has been huge for Burgers all around the world. We’ve seen Burgers with oddball buns, novelty Burgers riffing on popular culture, and more. Today, let’s take a look back at the top ten Burger recipes we’ve shared with you during 2016.

This list will not only get you craving Burgers over your holiday week, but also give you the menu you didn’t know you needed for your New Year’s Eve Burger Blowout!

Top 10 Burger Recipes of 2016

10. Maggie McFly’s Baja Burger

One of Maggie McFly’s signature half-pound Burgers made with 100% Certified Angus Beef brand ® Chuck and Brisket.

Maggie McFlys Baja Burger

9. Stuffed Bifteki (Burger)

A Burger twist on a classic Greek dish.


8. Thick Pub Classic Burger

The big, juicy Burger we’ve all come to love from our favorite pubs.


7. Scott Hines’s Cheddar Hollandaise Burger

A Burger that combines the decadent flavor of an egg smothered in Hollandaise sauce with America’s favorite sandwich.

How To Make Scott Hines's Cheddar Hollandaise Burger — Recipe

6. The Tuscan Burger

This take on the American classic brings us to Italy in the hills of Tuscany where herbs and aged cheeses dominate the culinary landscape.


5. The Freehold Burger

A classic American Cheeseburger with a sweet and savory twist.


4. The Badda-Bing Burger

The perfect mash-up of the American classic with traditional Italian comfort food.

How To Make A Badda Bing Burger — Recipe

3. Classic New Jersey Slider

The slider that’s become synonymous with New Jersey.


2. Dirtyburger®

The staple Burger on the Dirtyburger® menu that’s simple to recreate at home.

Dirty Double from Dirty Burger

1. Loose Meat Hamburger

A style of Hamburger popular in the Midwest that’s one part traditional Burger and one part Sloppy Joe.


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