Pre-Made Patties Rule! Here Are Three Reasons Why!

It’s a debate that has long existed among Burger Lovers: is it better to buy your patties, or to make your own? While some purists firmly believe that store-bought patties are a lesser contender in the battle for the best Burger, we must respectfully disagree. Especially with all of the delicious blends that we offer at Schweid & Sons, our already prepared patties pack all the taste of a craft Burger into one tight package.

But don’t just take our word for it. Why is pre-made the way to go? Read on to find out!

Perfection, Time and Time Again
After being in the Burger business for over 40 years (not to mention the meat purveyor industry since the late 1800s), we know a thing or two about ground beef. Did you know that it’s surprisingly delicate? One of the main factors when it comes to creating the Very Best Burger is being careful not to over tenderize the meat, which means keeping handling to a bare minimum. Our  facilities were established with this in mind, and have the sole purpose creating perfect patties on a daily basis. If you are making your own, there’s a higher chance of ruining the tender texture and turning your Burger into a hockey puck.

Keeping It Simple
Coming home from a long day at work and craving a delicious Cheeseburger? Trying to make the kids a quick, yet flavorful, meal? This is where pre-made patties come into play. A brief stop at one of our grocery retailers or even a few clicks on Amazon Fresh (in select locations) can get you a package of your favorite Schweid & Sons Burgers in no time at all. Fire up your seasoned cast iron pan, flip the patties once, and you have an amazing Burger in as little as ten minutes.

Looking for some inspiration for dinner? Check out some of our favorite recipes here.

Less Mess
Let’s be honest—it’s no secret that raw ground beef isn’t the most pleasant thing to touch, and forming your own patties can be a sloppy, time consuming process. But we’ve already covered convenience, what about sanitation? The longer raw meat sits out in the open, the more at-risk it is for becoming an ideal breeding ground for bacteria (reminder: never use any kind of raw meat if it’s been out in room temperature for longer than two hours). With pre-made Burgers, the patties come straight out of the fridge and right into your pan, so there is less of a chance of bacteria growing or spreading, and of course less of a mess to clean up once dinner is done.

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