The Cattle Call – Interview with Jason Rossi, from WBOS Radio 92.9

The Cattle Call – Interview with Jason Rossi, from WBOS Radio 92.9

The Cattle Call – All the beef that’s behind the people who make & connect us to the Burgerverse.

A Boston radio personality on Radio 92.9, Jason Rossi shares a love for music and the great taste of burgers. Jason has quite the expertise when it comes to critiquing burgers down to every last detail. Jason has hosted Boston magazine’s Battle of the Burger for the past 3 years, so he has definitely tasted the best of the best when it comes to burgers. Rossi’s Burger Club was created for yours truly to learn everything there is to know about burgers, whether it’s the best place to grab a burger bite in Boston, or what upcoming events are happening at the local restaurant, or what toppings are best to use next time you make a tasty burger!

Name: Jason Rossi


Where do you live: Revere, MA

Favorite style of Burger: Classic American

Favorite Childhood Burger: I’d be lying if I didn’t say the Burger King Whopper.

Burger that haunts your dreams at night: The 5 Napkin Burger … because I wake up and it’s not in my belly.

What is the one Burger you’ve always wanted to try but still have not: In & Out Burger, never been to the west coast.

The secret to making a great Burger: THE BUN … it puts it all together, if it isn’t fresh it isn’t worth eating.

Under no circumstances whatsoever, what should NEVER be put on a Burger: Pomegranate.

If you could have a Burger with anyone alive, or dead, fictional or real, who would it be and where would you take them: Paul McCartney and I’d take him to The Blue Ox.

Please use this space to talk about or plug anything else you want: I’m a huge music & meat man and I love working here in the Boston radio scene. I’ve taken my hard work and effort and poured them into Rossi’s Burger Club—fresh perspective on the Boston area burger scene that involves your input.


Jason will on site at this year’s Boston Magazine Battle of the Burger.


The Battle of the Burger is a competition to find the best Burger in Boston. Restaurants and Chefs battle it out in a winner takes all contest by letting attendees of the event pick their favorite Burger.

Click here for the list of competing Chefs and restaurants.

Chefs and restaurants competing in the Battle of the Burger have been invited to use our ground beef in the Burger they will serve at the event. We are honored, excited and HUNGRY in anticipation!


Click here to buy your ticket to the Battle of the Burger


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