The Cattle Call – Interview with David Dubois From Tasty Burger

The Cattle Call –  David Dubois from Tasty Burger

The Cattle Call – All the beef that’s behind the people who make & connect us to the Burgerverse.


CEO Tasty Burger Corporation and Franklin Restaurant Group in Boston.

Born behind Fenway Park in Boston, Tasty Burger instantly became one of Boston’s favorite neighborhood Burger joints. Tasty Burger represents the fruition of our goal to create a Modern Fast Food Burger restaurant with the old school sensibilities of the great early places that created the genre. We took a look back in time to the late forties and fifties to study the process, energy and enthusiasm that made the humble hamburger America’s favorite food. We studied hard in our attempt to give this national sandwich a Boston relevance and vernacular.

In the process we learned to love the burger world and the entrepreneurial spirit that drives it. Our Mission is to create a fresh flavorful flat patty burger, made from the finest American Certified Humane Beef. We have visited the pastures of family ranches where our cattle graze to get a first hand understanding of where great beef comes from. Our Beef is all natural, Certified Humane(R) and NEVER given any growth hormones or antibiotics. The steer are grass fed and finished on a 100% grass and grain diet, for an uniquely savory steak flavor. We apply this same level of care to our homemade Buns made in the old Sunbeam Bread factory, from scratch sauces, proprietary Hot Dogs made locally and all of our fresh daily ingredients. All this with the goal in mind of offering a complete menu with similar options and price point to the most familiar fast food places, but prepared with a more individual attention to quality ingredients. We wish to operate with professionalism, focus on details and quality at a fair price.

Becoming a real part of every neighborhood we open in, is our mission and we care about giving our guests the best experience we can, so please let us know if there is anything you need. We love what we do and hope you will too – thank you for trying u

Name: David Dubois

Website: www.tastyburger.com

Where do you live: Boston, MA

Favorite style of Burger:  Flat Patty.

Favorite Childhood Burger:  Charlie’s Kitchen Double Cheeseburger Special (Cambridge. MA.)

Burger that haunts your dreams at night: The bacon cheeseburger from Tasty Burger.

What is the one Burger you’ve always wanted to try but still have not:  A burger stuffed with oysters and brie.

The secret to making a great Burger: Great meat.

Under no circumstances whatsoever, what should NEVER be put on a Burger: That’s just it, there is nothing you can NOT put on a burger. To each their own.

If you could have a Burger with anyone alive, or dead, fictional or real, who would it be and where would you take them: Benjamin Franklin or Omar from the TV show “The Wire.” I would take them to Tasty Burger

Name one Burger in LA that for once, people should get off a plane and go eat instead of In-N-Out: In-N-Out is a legendary California institution and if you’re a real California native, there is no substitute. Enough said!

Please use this space to talk about or plug anything else you want: Come by our new stand under the bleachers at Fenway.

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