Multi-Brand Restaurant Marketing – How To Prioritize and Adapt Restaurant Marketing


Julie Zucker is the Director of Marketing and Promotions for Branded Restaurants, a title that does not do justice to all the things that Julie oversees. Branded Restaurants owns Big Daddy’s and Duke’s (note: this podcast was recorded before the untimely closing of City Crab) so Julie has to spend all day thinking about marketing 2  brands with 5 different locations. She joins the Like, Bite & Share Podcast to share her knowledge and best practices for juggling different restaurant concepts.


Like Bite & Share is a podcast about marketing in the food business, brought to you by Schweid & Sons. Each episode includes an insightful interview with food marketing professionals.



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Key Takeaways:

  • Anyone in a marketing role with multiple brands needs to have a unique ability to multitask.
  • Engage your audience through contests and promotions. Use these things to cross pollenate amongst your social channels. For example, use your mailing list to advertise a contest on Facebook. Follow up and engage with everyone who participates in your promotions.
  • Incentivize your email list. If you are a restaurant, give people a discount off of their next meal to sign up. Then they will be aware of all of your promotions as long as they are on your list.
  • Don’t spam your list. Send emails when you have something important to share, like a promotion or an event. It’s best to send emails that offer something to your subscribers.
  • Food tracking programs like Vero produce incredibly useful information, especially when it comes to menu development. If no one is eating a certain dish, it should be removed from the menu. Use Vero to adjust the menu based on what is selling.
  • Plan your social media calendars out as far in advance as you can. That helps you get out ahead of big events, like the World Cup, olympics, SuperBowl, etc. This leaves you with more time to be creative in real time.
  • Be a part of the community with your customers. Engage with their posts related to your brands, and repost their content from time to time.

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