Add Flare To Your Cheeseburger: Havarti and Romano

For the past few weeks, we have been exploring different ways to add some zest to your burgers with new cheese options! Havarti and Romano are our last two cheese suggestions in this series. They are bold and fresh, guaranteed to make your mouth water.  


Havarti has the consistency of Swiss cheese but a heartier taste. It is a sweet cheese that pulls an unexpected deliciousness from any meat. It is slightly acidic and develops a hazelnut flavor as it ages. Smooth and springy, it melts easily and blends seamlessly with other toppings.


A Denmark native, Havarti is a cow’s milk cheese that pairs well with beef and lamb burgers as well as any red meat. Top your Havarti burger with a slice of salami and a bit of carrot raisin salad for a taste profile you never knew you loved.


Not many people think of Romano cheese when topping a burger. It is a hard, salty cheese that is typically grated. Mix it in the meat patties pre-grill or toss it with herbs and spices to make a delectable garnish.

Romano cheese is an Italian delicacy that can be made from cow, sheep, or goat milk. The milk used will determine the strength of the flavor, which is much like Parmesan. Combine it with oregano and garlic to make a bold burger condiment or just spoon it on top for a savory Venetian burger.

Ultra-gourmet or traditional, strong or mild, soft or hard, there really is a cheese for every taste craving. With a little help from your favorite cheese, your burger can be anything you want it to be. Try a new cheese you’ve never had before or add a fresh flavor profile to an old favorite to find a new taste sensation.

Burgers are a classic American meal that easily fits into our hurried lifestyle, but that doesn’t mean they have to be boring or predictable. Change your cheese and discover a whole new side to this favorite old standby.

Be sure and check out this recipe using Romano on top of our Schweid & Sons CAB Custom Blend: Chuck Brisket.

Badda-Bing Burger

If you are interested in shaking up your cheeseburger be sure to check out the other cheeses from this series here! Check out our Store Locator to find the perfect Schweid & Sons Burger patty nearest you for your Havarti and Romano!  Turn your everyday burger into The Very Best Burger.

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