Happy Birthday To The Hamburger, America’s Favorite Sandwich


The late 1800s was a pretty important time for America. We saw the birth of basketball, slot machines, aspirin and the Boston Marathon. “Automobiling” AKA riding around in cars was a trend, pictures and sound came together to form “moving pictures” and the very first escalator was installed.

Here at Schweid & Sons, we can trace our roots back to the late 1800s when Harry Schweid began selling quality meats to butchers and restaurants in New York City’s Lower East Side. You know what else happened in the 1890s? “Back to the Future 3,” … but that’s not important here. On July 28, 1900, Louis Lassen gave “birth” to our very best buddy.


Louis was the owner of a restaurant that still exists today called Louis’ Lunch in New Haven, CT. On that fateful day Louis took 2 pieces of bread and put them around a hamburg steak. Some might argue that this was not the very first Burger ever created but if you ask the Library of Congress, that’s what they would tell you. We’re pretty sure you can trust them as a source.


So here’s a big old thank you to Louis for all the great times and delicious food that he brought into the world.


To celebrate this oh so glorious day, we will be sharing some of the very best Burgers out there made with our Burgers while we do an Instagram takeover of with EatFamous. Be sure to follow us and @EatFamous for all the Burgery goodness!

Photo Credits: George MotzLouis’ Lunch & @pocketfork

@EatFamous Instagram Takeover

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