Food Tech Startups – Get an Insider Look at How to Plan, Launch and Market a an App and Social Network


Rachna Govani is a food marketing entrepreneur, and the founder of Foodstand, a social enterprise striving to make good food the easier choice for everyone through a crowd sourcing app. She joins the Like, Bite & Share Podcast to share her knowledge and best practices for combining the tech start up and food worlds.


Like Bite & Share is a podcast about marketing in the food business, brought to you by Schweid & Sons. Each episode includes an insightful interview with food marketing professionals.



Key Takeaways:

  • Have a business model when you begin. You need to have a sense of how your project is going to make money.
  • If you have a small team with few resources, crowd sourcing and leveraging your community is a great way to curate content.
  • Game-ification of your app is a great way to get users more involved in the platform.
  • As the creators of an app, you should be fully engaged with your product. Be a participant in the community.
  • Don’t build anything until you have done your market research. Your vision has to match the need of your audience. It’s easier to adapt before anything is built.
  • One of your cofounders should be a tech expert. Having a person in-house who can be responsible for the tech side of things will save you money and keep you from getting taken advantage of by outsiders trying to sell you on tech offerings.
  • If your app is going to better your audience’s food consumption, there are grants available. This is a great alternative to venture capital, and you won’t have to pay it back. See USDA link above.

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