Charcoal: The Big Grill Debate

In honor of National Grilling Month, we want to discuss something very important with you… which grilling method is the best for cooking Burgers?


Grill masters throughout the world are committed to their own grilling methods and traditions in their pursuit of the very best burger. One of the most heated, and enjoyable, debates among grillers involves the choice between grilling on a gas, charcoal or flat top grill. Most grillers are loyal to one method but each method has its pros and cons.

At Schweid and Sons, we are all grill lovers and will take any opportunity to talk about grilling our Burgers. Hopefully, the information we share can help you master grilling your very best Burger.

Charcoal Grill
Charcoal Grills

Let’s start with the classic charcoal grill. Some of the world’s best grillers exclusively use charcoal grills. There are a few reasons for their loyalty that include taste, price and convenience.

Grilling with charcoal gives your Burger an unmatched taste which results from the charcoal’s tendency to burn hotter than other fuels, like wood. As you cook your Burger, the flavor dripping off of it lands on the charcoals and vaporizes,  which bathe your Burger in a steam that gives your food flavor that you cannot get from other grilling methods.

Most charcoal grills are designed to be small and easy to transport which makes them typically less expensive. They are perfect for people who want great tasting food but do not want to invest in an expensive grill.  Also, charcoal grills are perfect for tailgates, camping trips, and casual outdoor BBQs with family and friends.

While charcoal grills deliver a flavor experience that no other grills can offer, there are a few trade-offs. One of the main reasons grillers shy away from cooking their Burgers on charcoal grills is the uneven heat on the cooking surface which can be difficult to navigate. Additionally, the heat from a charcoal grill is dry and this makes it more likely that the Burger can be overcooked on the outside and under-cooked on the inside.

We will continue to explore other grilling methods this month. Up next: the Gas Grill!

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