Very Best Burger Truck: Taste Of Buffalo Recap

The Very Best Burger Truck visited the Taste of Buffalo and served an homage to the city: The Buffalo Burger. The Buffalo Burger features Schweid & Sons Signature Series: The Chuck Brisket, Buffalo sauce, Blue Cheese Dressing, Lettuce, and Tomato, on a Martin’s Potato Roll.

Click here to see photos from Taste of Buffalo!

Cattle Call: @ThePublicPig

What is your favorite Burger from childhood?

If you grew up in a Sicilian house then you know the most bomb Burger you could eat was the one you ate that was essentially everything that goes into a meatball. Just smashed in a pan and then sandwiched between two thick slices of Italian bread and ketchup.

What is the last Burger you ate?

The last Burger was from Five Guys. They’re simple and consistently solid Burgers. cheese, mayo, ketchup, hella onion and pickles. That’s it.

What Burger have you not had that you want to try?

April Bloomfield’s Hamburger from Salvation Burger. Period.

If you could share a Burger with anyone—alive or dead, real or fictional—who would it be?

April Bloomfield. Also, Kid Cudi. If anyone can make either of those happen….hit me up.


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