Are Higher Quality Burgers Worth It?

Ask anyone what their idea of the perfect outdoor dinner party food is, and Burgers will often be top of the list. It’s the ultimate comfort food for when you want to sit back and relax after a long week and treat yourself. However, can you taste the difference between a fresh, ground beef Burger and a cheaper supermarket Burger? Let’s look at what goes into a Schweid & Sons fresh ground beef Burger and why you won’t regret investing in top-quality beef.

Behind the Price of Expensive Beef

Market forces drive beef prices just like any other commodity. Here’s the snapshot: Beef stocks are on the move, steaks are in a bull market, and the cost of feed, labor and processing are all rising. For every carcass processed, roughly a third is waste and another third is turned into Steaks That leaves one-third for ground beef, covering the costs of feed, processing, butchering, and trimming before any other margins are factored in and before it arrives at Schweid & Sons for processing. Schweid & Sons uses a unique process that allows air to flow through the meat for softer bite.


While it is tempting to source your Burgers from less expensive brands and cuts, your taste buds would be missing out on some really delicious Burgers! When beef is taken care of from the beginning to the end, and you sit down and enjoy a Burger, you can taste the difference. You don’t have to overstretch your budget to enjoy a great meal. Our Schweid & Sons Burgers taste expensive when cooked to perfection while still being affordable and within budget for you and your family.

Grilling burgers and picnic table set for a bbq

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