5 Burger Grilling Tips To Rock Your Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day is right around the corner, and you know what that means: Grilling Season has finally arrived! Whether you’re planning a huge backyard barbecue or just sitting back with a few friends and family, making the most of your grill is key.

We put together 5 Burger grilling tips you need to follow to rock this Memorial Day Weekend. If you use these easy-to-follow tips, you’ll be guaranteed to be the de facto Burger grilling master among your friends and family forever.

5 Burger Grilling Tips To Rock Your Memorial Day Weekend

    1. Turn Your Grill Up To Eleven. A hot grill is the key to properly cooking a Burger. Turn your grill up as high as it goes and adjust your coals, wood, or propane until you have an even distribution of consistent heat. High heat allows for a quicker evaporation of water on the Burger’s surface and creates a wonderfully crispy sear. Cooking on high heat also ensures a shorter cooking time (approx. 4-5 minutes per side for medium rare).
    2. Add Some Smoky Flavor To Your Burger. When you cook Burgers on an outdoor grill, your Burgers will naturally take in the aromas of the burning fuel. As the fat begins to render, it will drip down below and produce a fragrant aroma that will rise back up and envelop your Burger in rich, smoky flavors. You can add to this naturally occurring flavor by choosing charcoal made from certain species of wood known for their unique and appealing scents. Try using hickory or mesquite charcoal to give your Burgers that traditional barbecue flavor.

 Red Charcoal | Courtesy of Jihei via Wikipedia.

  1. Conserve As Much Heat & Smoke As You Can. You might recall from our article 10 Tips For Winter Burger Grilling that it’s important to keep your grill’s lid shut to conserve all the heat you can. That holds true for Memorial Day grilling as well. Maintaining consistent heat can sometimes be tricky with outdoor cooking because of variables like wind and rain. Keeping the lid shut will help eliminate those factors, plus it will allow more smoke to build up and add additional layers of flavor to your Burgers.
  2. Keep Your Burgers Warm And Moist. When your Burgers are ready to come off the grill, make sure you have a warm (not hot) pan to place them inβ€”an aluminum tray or cast iron skillet will do. Keep that pan covered to make sure heat and steam doesn’t escape. This will ensure that your Burgers stay warm and don’t dry out while your Memorial Day guests take their time deciding on what toppings to use.
  3. Eat Your Burgers While They’re Still Hot. While it’s usually a good idea to let your Burgers rest for a few minutes after coming off the grill, don’t let them sit out too long. The best Burger is a hot Burger, teeming with juices and flavor. Prepare your toppings station ahead of time and think about what kind of Burger you want to have in advance. This will help streamline the building process, ensuring your’re not eating a cold Burger. This is especially critical for Cheeseburgers. If you wait too long, your cheese may start to congeal; and nobody wants that.

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