Our Burgers don’t want any unless you’ve got buns! The right bun can bring a lot of flavor and texture to a Burger and Schweid and Sons delivers the best cuts to restaurants, grocers, special events, and direct to your fridge. We’re fourth generation lovers of Burgers and take pride in bringing the freshest meats from our family’s table to yours.

Beef this great deserves a culinary spread. Think outside the classic bun with these creative, delicious ideas for taking your Burger game to the next level of yum.

Lettuce Eat!

Keto-friendly Burger buns might seem like a contradiction, but your friend at Schweid & Sons are here to say you can have your burger and eat it too!

Lettuce wraps aren’t just for deli meat. Create a delicious, low carb lettuce Burger using a wedge of the iceberg for a satisfying crunch or a roll of spinach for a soft taco style texture. Keep it healthy with a plethora of extra crispy greens, carrots, peppers, and pickles. Avoiding cheese along with carbs? Try a spread of tahini sauce or hummus for a non-dairy alternative.

Backyard Luau

Kick back, relax, and grab a cold mai tai. Hawaiian burgers are the perfect midweek fix or weekend treat.

Trade plain, old everyday buns for sweet Hawaiian rolls to set the theme. Pair burgers with a slice of pineapple, spicy red onions, lettuce, and tomato. You can even add a hint of teriyaki or sweet and sour sauce to bring out the island flavor. For the cheesy finale, garnish with melted provolone or Swiss. 

Not a fan of the sweet side of the grill? Try onion rolls for a nice balance of savory like this amazing Hawaiian burger recipe suggests.

The Buff Burger

Set your burgers free and go bunless with creative bun substitutes. Naked burgers are a great way to pair amazing dishes with their beefy soulmate.            

A few of our favorite combinations include topping home-cooked macaroni and cheese with a fresh beef patty and melted cheddar, creating your own version of shepherd’s pie by layering potatoes with thin-sliced burger patties, and serving beef parmesan with a hearty helping of penne pasta. Or, try this BBLT Burger with no bun! Get even more creative with bacon-wrapped sliders by using a muffin tin to line mini patties with hickory-smoked bacon goodness.

What’s your favorite way to pair a burger? Let us know your trademark bun ideas and check out more amazing recipes from your friends at Schweid and Sons.

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