Pounds & Ounces – May the 4th Be With You, NY Burger Week

Pounds & Ounces
160 8th Ave
New York, NY 10011

– 7 Days of delicious Burger events –


To celebrate National Hamburger Month, Schweid & Sons proudly brings you the 4th Annual NY Burger Week, May 1-7, 2015.

The Burger Week is a 7-day celebration of trendsetting chefs and unique Burgers with a series of daily events.

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May 4th is known as Star Wars day and it always falls right in the middle of NY Burger Week. For this reason, I’ve always wanted to do a Star Wars themed Burger event to celebrate. I’ve suggested it in the past but at the time it didn’t make sense.

This year when Pounds & Ounces asked to be a part of NY Burger Week, I sheepishly made the suggestion just in case they might think it was cool. I suggested we do 1, maybe 2 seatings of about 20 people with a special Star Wars themed pre-fixe meal. The folks at Pounds & Ounces loved the idea but said if they were going to do it, they were going to go full on.

They suggested an entire restaurant take over complete with full appetizer, main course, dessert and cocktail menus, all themed around Star Wars. They called their entire staff together and had me come in to sit down and plan out the evening.

They wanted to go full Jedi…and boy did we. 648 reservations later … the Force was strong with us.

– Off-Menu Star Wars Themed Burgers & Cocktails –


Monday, May 4th
Pounds & Ounces
160 8th Ave, NYC
5:00 pm – 11:00 pm

Reservations only, meal is served ala carte

The 4th of May to most is just another day or the day before Cinco De Mayo but to many others, it’s a very special day. May 4th is Star Wars day. May the 4th Be With You as you celebrate your inner Burger nerd with Schweid & Sons at Pounds & Ounces (160 8th Ave) on May 4th for the 4th Annual NY Burger Week. Pounds & Ounces, for this day only, will transform into the Mos Eisley Cantina by serving an entire menu made up of Star Wars themed food including 5 off-menu Burgers including the Kobe-Wan Wagyu Burger featuring The Katana Blend from Schweid & Sons. While you’re enjoying your Star Wars themed Burger, you’ll be sure to try some of the drinks from a special Star Wars themed cocktail menu. A Bantha Burger (not actually made from Bantha) was made to be eaten while drinking Dark & Storm Troopery, but that’s obvious.

The Burgers:
The Burgers served with Intergalactic battered fries or small salad

  • R2-D2 – “short stack” galaxy CAB Burger, Gruyere, pickled onion relish
  • Attack of the Clones Burger – black bean veggie burger, pepper jack and guacamole, salsa
  • CAB-3PO – CAB Burger, aged cheddar, heirloom tomato, giant wasabi crusted onion ring, jalapeño-ginger ketchup
  • Chewbacca – double CAB Burger, double cheddar, double bacon, “Chewpotle” aioli
  • Han’s First Shot Slider – CAB slider, american cheese, chewy cholula ketchup
  • Kobe-Wan Wagyu Burger – kobe beef Burger, raw red onions, neuske’s bacon, mozzarella, basil aioli
  • Death Star Claw -Louisiana style surf and turf burger topped with cheddar cheese, char grilled corn salsa, remoulade and crowned with a crispy Cajun soft shell crab

Click here to view the entire menu.

The Cocktails:

  • Dark & Storm Troopery – dark rum, ginger beer, squeeze of lime
  • Qui-Gon Gimlet –  Stoli, pineapple juice, lime and lemon juice, sugar
  • The Tatooine – Wild Turkey American Honey Sting, blood orange puree, muddled orange peel, ginger beer
  • The Coruscant – Absolut cherrykran, white cranberry juice with a sugar rim
  • The “Blue Milk” – Amaretto, Frangelico, blue cream
  • The Mustafar – Jack Fire Cinnamon whiskey, Stoli vanilla, root beer
  • The Alderaan- Pisco Porton, pineapple juice, lemon juice, simple syrup, cranberry juice

Pounds & Ounces will be showing the original Star Wars Trilogy (Star Wars, The Empire Strikes Back & Return of the Jedi) on the TV screens all night long. Show up in a Star Wars themed costume & be entered in a contest to win a $100 gift card to Pounds & Ounces and a Schweid & Sons Home Chef apron.

May the 4th Be With You!

As a special bonus surprise to the evening, all full sized Burgers were served on a Burger Lift. If you’ve never seen a Burger Lift, it has one very specific and important job; to keep your bottom Bun from being soggy. This was one of the first public demonstrations of the Burger Lift ever and you can get your own by ordering them from the Burger Lift website.


The “Blue Milk” – Amaretto, Frangelico, blue cream

Darth Taters – loaded yukon gold potato skins, sour cream, applewood bacon, scallion, cheddar cheese.

Kobe-Wan Wagyu Burger – kobe beef Burger, raw red onions, neuske’s bacon, mozzarella, basil aioli.

The Tattooine – Wild Turkey American Honey Sting, blood orange puree, muddled orange peel, ginger beer.Schweid-and-Sons-Boozy-May-the-4th-Be-With-You-2015-NY-Burger-Week-1866

Storm Trooper Pops – maple syrup soaked fried chicken, served with guava bbq sauce and watermelon cucumber salad.

Dark & Storm Troopery – dark rum, ginger beer, squeeze of lime.

CAB-3PO – CAB Burger, aged cheddar, heirloom tomato, giant wasabi crusted onion ring, jalapeño-ginger ketchup.

Wow! That was super super fun. Thank you to everyone who came out to enjoy the event. Together we created a real life venn diagram of Burger and Star Wars fanatics. We hope you had as much fun as we did and loved all the food that Chef Margaret and her team put together for the event. Thank you to all of the staff at Pounds & Ounces for using all the Midi-chlorians you could muster up to host a truly unique and awesome event. Thank you also to Matt, Mike & Jasmine from Burger Lift. We are big advocates of your Millennium Falcon looking device and are proud to say we know a restaurant that serves Schweid & Sons Burgers to their customers on a Burger Lift. That is truly the mark of a restaurant that cares about their Burgers.


Schweid-and-Sons-Boozy-May-the-4th-Be-With-You-2015-NY-Burger-Week-1897Schweid-and-Sons-Boozy-May-the-4th-Be-With-You-2015-NY-Burger-Week-1889 Schweid-and-Sons-Boozy-May-the-4th-Be-With-You-2015-NY-Burger-Week-1887Schweid-and-Sons-Boozy-May-the-4th-Be-With-You-2015-NY-Burger-Week-1869Schweid-and-Sons-Boozy-May-the-4th-Be-With-You-2015-NY-Burger-Week-1908a


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