Joe’s Bar NYC – Golden Burger Lift Dinner, NYC Burger Week

Joe’s Bar NYC
480 Amsterdam Ave
New York, NY 10024

– 7 Days of delicious Burger events –


Kicking off National Hamburger Month, Schweid & Sons proudly brings you the Annual NYC Burger Week, May 1-7, 2016.

NYC Burger Week is 7 days of delicious and creative Hamburger events all over New York City

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Golden Burger Lift Dinner NYC Burger Week Joe's Bar

With each year’s Burger Week, there’s always one completely out there and weird event. The mechanics of the event are pretty standard: Burgers, drinks, some kind of presentation, etc etc. But then we insert the bizarre and strange just to make it really fun. This year it was the Golden Burger Lift dinner at Joe’s Bar on the Upper West Side.

Joe’s Bar is a 70’s themed bar with Burgers and a really creative and unique cocktail menu. It’s a great neighborhood spot where the energy is always positive and the Burgers are super delicious. When our director of marketing and Burger Week founder, Rev Ciancio, was chatting with Mike from Burger Lift about the idea of doing a Burger Week event together, Mike suggested doing one there. The idea of creating a very special Burger Lift for the event came up and how to tie it into what Joe’s does. A few text messages later,  Willy Wonka, a rainbow Hamburger Bun and a Golden Burger Lift and you have an event. No joke …


Joe’s normally features Burgers with our Signature Series: The Chuck Brisket with white American, lettuce and red onion. They hand patty and cook the Burger to order. It’s a special technique they’ve developed to make the Very Best Burger. It’s full of flavor and super juicy, exactly how you want a Burger to be.

– Wonka Themed Burgers and Cocktails –

Presented by Schweid & Sons, featuring Burger Lift

NYC Burger Week - Golden Burger Lift Dinner at Joe's bar NYC

Monday, May 2nd, 2016
Joe’s Bar NYC
480 Amsterdam Ave
New York, NY 10024
6:30 & 8:00 pm seatings
Price $34

Ticket includes:

  • 1 Willy Wonka Style Burger with a Rainbow Bun, made in house by Chef Marisa Viscera, elevated on a Burger Lift
  • Grandpa Joe’s French Fries (Sloppy Joe Fries, a Bucket family fave)
  • Your choice of 1:
    • Fizzy Lifting Drink
    • Snozzberry Slushie
    • Wilder Than Gene
    • Violet Blues
  • A chance to find the Golden Burger Lift, which you will redeem for:
    • 1 hour happy hour with open bar for 20 people
    • Schweid & Sons Very Best Burger Apron
    • A 4-pack of Burger Lifts to take home
  • Chocolate Fever Dessert
  • A free copy of “The Art of the Burger Blend” by Schweid & Sons – a guide to the best cuts of beef in Hamburgers

There’s no earthly way of knowing/Which direction they are going… There’s no knowing where they’re rowing… Or which way the drink’s are flowing… Is it bourbon, is it vodka?/ which whiskey is the bartender showing?

In the word’s of the world’s greatest candymaker; “A little nonsense now and then is relished by the wisest men,” or in the case, the hungriest!

Join us for a very crazy and off the wall Burger event at Joe’s Bar NYC where the entire experience is themed after “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” All the food and drinks on the menu will be themed after the movie. You’re meal includes Joe’s Bar NYC signature Burger made with our hand-pattied Signature Series: The Chuck Brisket Blend Burger on a specially made Rainbow bun. It will come with an order of Grandpa Joe’s Fries and you’ll hsaw aknow (that’s Wonka Wash spelled backwards) it down with your choice of Wonka-themed cocktail including Fizzy Lifting Drinks.

Plus, everyone goes home with one of the greatest things to ever happen to Hamburgers, a Burger Lift. If you don’t already know, a Burger Lift is a device you place under your Burger and on your plate to keep the delicious juices from ruining your bun when you put it down in between bites.

But that’s not all!

One lucky person will find a one of a kind Golden Burger Lift which entitles them to a lifetime supply of chocolate, which in this case means a 20 person open bar at Joe’s Bar NYC.


The Hamburgers taste like Hamburgers. The French Fries taste like French Fries. The Snozzberry Slushie tastes like Snozzberries!!

So bust out that Oompa Loompa costume and get a ticket. Mike TV from Burger Lift can’t wait to meet you.

Golden-Burger-Lift-Joes-Bar-NY-Burger-Week_104542000_iOS (1)

Wow!! Not only was that a crazy event but it was the one that got the most attention in the press and conversely had the least amount of seats available. Only 40 tickets were available due to the size of the bar, the limited ability to serve everyone a hot fresh Burger and the difficulty of creating the rainbow Burger buns. But the response was overwhelmingly positive. So if you were one of the exclusive group who were able to attend, thank you for being a part of something truly magical and fun! We hope you had a blast. Thank you to the entire staff at Joe’s. It’s not easy to serve a perfectly made Burger to temperature to that many people at the same time and with a huge plate of some of the most amazing Monster Fries that have ever been created! You handled it like champs and made it a super fun dinner for everyone. A big ole thank you goes to Mike, Jasmine, Matt and Teagan from Burger Lift. We couldn’t have done this without you and nor would we have wanted to. #LiftYourBuns.

Golden-Burger-Lift-Joes-Bar-NY-Burger-Week_7298 (1)

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